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Monday, August 3, 2020

Money Compare has launched and is now available to help Kiwis compare financial products online and make a fully informed choice on their finances.

With Money Compare you can compare financial products in a wide range of different sectors. 

Compare Car Insurance Online

The Money Compare car insurance comparison will help you find the best insurance for your car, bike or other vehicle.  Switching car insurance provider can save you a decent amount of money - our top three insurers offered good deals year-round to attract new customers including online sign up bonus and first month premium for free.  You can compare car insurance here.

If you are looking to compare car insurance then our simple guide to car insurance at Money Compare can help you.  You should compare your car insurance every time it is up for renewal as often, companies will sneak on a little extra and you’ll slowly see your car insurance premiums creep up through a ‘loyalty tax’ that car insurance providers charge when you’re too busy to compare car insurance providers and switch plans.
The Money Compare guide to car insurance from NZ Compare will help you save money on your car insurance when you compare features and benefits from some of the main NZ car insurance providers.

Compare Car Insurance Now


Compare Contents Insurance Online

The new Money Compare website lets you compare contents insurance online. Compare contents insurance features and benefits such as 'new for old' policy, home office contents cover, bike cover and policy types.  By comparing contents insurance you will be able to save money on your contents insurance and find cheap contents insurance to save you money and keep you protected.  The best contents insurance for your property could come from one of many different insurance providers - Money Compare will help you find the best contents insurer for your needs.  You can compare contents insurance here.

Contents insurance covers the damage or loss of personal possessions like household possessions, clothes, appliances, furniture, carpets, or curtains caused by events like fires, floods, burglary or earthquakes.  If you are flatting or renting, it is a good idea to ensure your policy includes personal liability cover for damage to the property you live in.  Compare contents insurance policies with our top insurance partners by clicking through here.



Compare Home Insurance Online

Compare home insurance online at Money Compare.  Home insurance protects you by insuring your home against the risk of sudden, unforeseen or accidental damage like fire or flood.  So it is well worth having if you own your property.  Home insurance policies cover most of the physical structures on your property – like your house, fences, or garage. Most home insurance policies will also cover structures like retaining walls and recreational features like swimming pools. However, the value of the cover is often capped. You can choose to increases these caps for a higher premium.  So compare home insurance features and get the best priced home insurance with Money Compare.  Compare home insurance here.

The Money Compare website will help you make an informed decision about home insurance in New Zealand. Compare the main types and levels of home insurance in New Zealand, and the factors to consider when choosing your home insurance policy.  Get the best home insurance cover for your needs.



Buying and renewing insurance can be a time-consuming process.  Money Compare make the process easy by allowing you to compare top insurance providers side-by-side. Compare each policy by the same features and benefits so it’s easier to find the right deal. 

Money Compare is New Zealand’s best insurance comparison website. We can help you compare and save on NZ’s top insurance policies.


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