Commerce Commission announces review for the Dispute Resolution Scheme

Commerce Commission announces review for the Dispute Resolution Scheme
Wednesday, March 31, 2021

The Commerce commission announced that it is reviewing the Telco Dispute Resolution Scheme. They review the scheme every 3 years to look for recommendations to improve the resolution process.

“A key part of ensuring consumers are satisfied with their service is having access to independent, efficient and responsive dispute resolution services if problems arise that consumers can’t resolve directly with their providers,” Telecommunications Commissioner Tristan Gilbertson says.

“Our review will examine current arrangements and provide recommendations for any improvements to the scheme. It will also set dates for when we expect to see these improvements. If our recommendations are not implemented satisfactorily, we must report to the Government on this. The Government may then introduce an alternative dispute resolution scheme," he says.

What is the Telecommunications Dispute Resolution Scheme (TDRS)

If a consumer has a dispute with their telecommunications provider, the TDRS is an independent body that will work to find a resolution between the consumer and their provider. The TDRS represents the majority of New Zealand’s telecommunications providers.

What’s being reviewed?

The review encompasses including customer service, faults, installation, contracts, product disclosure, billing, switching, service performance, speed and availability. The Commission plans to announce their findings in a report in November.

How to solve a dispute with your Broadband Provider

1. Let your provider know about the issue. If you have a complaint about your telecoms company, the first step is to let them know and give them an opportunity to resolve the issue.

2. If you’re not happy with the outcome it’s been six weeks with no solution, ask for a company reference number and contact the TDR to see if it’s something they can help with.

3. Make an informal complaint to the TDR. The TDR will check the details with your telecoms company and look at possible resolutions.

4. If there is no resolution the TDR will start discussions with you and your telecoms company to try to get a resolution and make a final decision.

Life it too short for poor service

If you’re not quite happy with your broadband company this is a great time to compare the options and look at switching providers.

At Broadband Compare, we believe that life is too short for poor service that’s why we take customer reviews into account when recommending plans. Take a moment to compare broadband plans – you might be surprised at how much you save!

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