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Thousands miss out on savings of over $400 a year on their broadband bill

Thousands miss out on savings of over $400 a year on their broadband bill
Sunday, January 21, 2018

In New Zealand, the start of the New Year coincides with the busiest three months for new broadband connections.  This is aligned to the seasonal peak of people moving home and students heading off to university.  So it is around this time that broadband providers put out their best deals in an effort to push up their sales and subscriber numbers.

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Research conducted by independent market insight agency The Interpreters, on behalf of Broadband Compare, shows that the majority of users on the broadband comparison website are switching provider because they moved house, but with only a small part of the population moving home each year that means that thousands of Kiwis are missing out on the savings that can be made on their broadband connection.

New analysis of broadband usage has found that many New Zealand households would save well over $400 a year by switching providers.  However, with over 100 different internet providers in New Zealand you should make sure that you compare all the different options to find the most suitable plan for your particular needs. 

“A lot of the very best deals tend to come up around the start of the calendar year, before the end of the quarter when service providers are trying to get their numbers up,” said Gavin Male, Broadband Compare’s CEO and founder.

“Of course, the deals available at the start of the year are great for people who are moving house or starting university and already need to change their broadband connection, but a lot of people just sit there paying a much higher amount than they need to.  Broadband Compare has a number of offers and exclusive deals that work out at around $60 a month for an unlimited data broadband plan.”

“With the ultra-fast fibre broadband rollout continuing at pace and the internet playing an increasingly important role in our everyday lives, hundreds of Kiwis are spending more than they need to on a below par broadband experience.”  Male continued, “Price of plan is still the primary influencer when someone is selecting a broadband provider, and for people to switch successfully they should know when their contract is up and use a site like Broadband Compare to see customer reviews, and the different features and benefits offered by providers, in order to find the best service for them.”

Compare the latest NZ Broadband Deals Now


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