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Best Freebies with Broadband Plans

Best Freebies with Broadband Plans
Tuesday, April 24, 2018

It is hard to resist something that is offered for free on top of a great offer and excellent service. That is why broadband providers across New Zealand offer attractive freebies. From sign-up money credits and free access to online entertainment services (Netflix, Lightbox) to free devices like Apple TV, UE2 Boom and Chromecast. Broadband Compare gives a list of all the freebies currently available in New Zealand from the top broadband providers. Some of these deals are limited time only, and will not last for long. So if you want to get a free gift with your next broadband switch, read on.

Vodafone Broadband Sign-up Freebies

Vodafone offer some great freebies with their Ultimate Home 12-month contract. With 4 months free for a broadband plan there come such free gifts as free NEON subscription for 12 months, $50 Prezzy card for online sign-up, $10 discount to pay monthly mobile customers. 

Spark Broadband Sign-up Freebies

There are amazing free gifts from Spark if you sign up for a 12-month broadband plan. The freebie offer right now includes having $300 sign-up credit (with $50 additional credit if you sign up online), 6 months free Netflix, Free Lightbox, $10 discount to pay monthly mobile customers.

Slingshot Sign-up Freebies

Slingshot currently run an exclusive broadband offer with six months half price deal for their 12-month plan (find out more) As for freebies, you can receive a Chromecast if you choose a 24-month broadband contract.

Orcon Broadband Sign-up Freebies

If you choose to sign up for Orcon ADSL/VDSL 24-month contract, you will get a free modem rental and a UE2 Boom premium speaker. If you choose to sign up for Orcon Fibre 24-month contract, you will get a free Apple TV 32GB. They are both great freebies from Orcon that come with competitive broadband plans.

2degrees Sign-up Freebies

Freebies from 2degrees might not be as numerous, but they give a $200 joining credit for new broadband customers on a 12-month contract. 2degrees existing mobile customers can receive $10 off their plan as well.

MyRepublic Sign-up Freebies

Good news for all gamers in New Zealand. MyRepublic run an exclusive deal with their gamer 12-month broadband plans, offering $200 discount off the Swiftpoint Z gaming mouse. Gamers who decide to sign up with MyRepublic also get a static IP address to improve their online gaming experience.

For all 12-month contract MyRepublic fibre plans, there is a free router, free installation and setup.

Bigpipe Sign-up Freebies

Customers who already have fibre installed for their property can get 2 months free internet with Bigpipe fibre broadband plans.

Flip Sign-up Freebies

All new customers for Flip broadband plans can get a $75 sign-up credit with a promo code. Click below to reveal it.

NOW broadband Sign-up Freebies

Exclusive to Broadband Compare, NOW offer $150 sign-up credit to customers who switch to NOW 12-month broadband plans using our website. COMPARE NOW

Hunting for more broadband deals? Compare the best internet deals at Broadband Compare

You can try our free broadband comparison tool, save money with your new internet provider and receive awesome freebies with select broadband plans.



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