SPOTLIGHT: Stuff Fibre - Best Fibre Broadband Provider

SPOTLIGHT:  Stuff Fibre - Best Fibre Broadband Provider
Tuesday, November 21, 2017

So what makes Stuff Fibre the first ever winner of the Best Fibre Broadband Provider at the Broadband Compare Awards?  Well actually there are several standout reasons and their entry to the Best Fibre Broadband Provider category highlighted a number of the great features and benefits that come with their offering.  

As the first Internet Provider to feature in our SPOTLIGHT series we have pulled out some of those key features and benefits as well as highlighted information gathered by independent research agency The Interpreters who surveyed almost 1,000 Kiwis who have used the Broadband Compare website over the last 6 months to see how they feel about their broadband provider.

Stuff Fibre performed incredibly well when we asked consumers how likely they were to recommend their provider to a friend or colleague… in fact, Stuff Fibre had the HIGHEST score of ANY provider that we surveyed.  Impressive ‘stuff’!

What else did our survey say?  Well the main themes we saw coming from Stuff Fibre customers included the “Fantastic customer service when joining” and the fact that “there is 24/7 support if you have any queries”.  User found that the Stuff Fibre service was “Prompt service, reasonable price, no contract” and responders loved that Stuff Fibre was providing a “Fast knowledgeable service with simple straightforward plans and no contract”.  

Coupled with all of this needs to be a great price and product and again, responders to our survey said “Cost and speed is excellent and service to-date has been excellent” - so high praise indeed!

Already interested?  Well Stuff Fibre have a great promotion running at present - 3 months Fibre Broadband at only $49 - click here for more details.

Stuff Fibre Promotion

Key Features and Benefits of Stuff Fibre:

No Fixed Term Contract

This means that Stuff Fibre do not lock you in to a fixed-term contract meaning you can choose what you want and for how long you get it.

Unlimited Data

With the average Kiwi household now consuming well over 150Gb of data a month there is little point in most households even considering a capped data plan… so Stuff Fibre don’t offer one.  All their plans have Fibre Broadband Internet plans come with Unlimited Data. 

100 Mbps Fibre Speed as standard

If you can get fibre broadband there is little point in keeping the handbrake on as you won’t see the full benefits of the technology, so Stuff Fibre Broadband Speed comes as 100Mbps as standard.  If your household uses lots of devices and internet-hungry services like gaming or streaming, then you might want to try adding the Stuff Fibre Boost product. This gives you the best possible speed that Stuff can offer and delivers fibre broadband speeds of up to a 700-900 Mbps in most areas! - Wow!

SafeZone - Family Filter

This is like a Family Filter type service that puts you in control of what comes into your home.  The SafeZone helps you filter out adult content, social media or anything undesirable should you need to. It's simple to use with a range of pre-configured settings that you can customise to suit your family needs.


With Stuff Fibre Broadband Plans starting at only $79.50 a month when you sign up to their Loyalty Discount this really is a great value fibre broadband offering with top features at a very good price point.  Sign up today and you can take advantage of a three month discount offer of only $49 a monthCheck out Stuff Fibre today and compare all Stuff Fibre Broadband Plans at Broadband Compare 

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