How can you save $420 per year with Broadband Compare

How can you save $420 per year with Broadband Compare
Thursday, August 17, 2017

Just yesterday, we had a consumer get in touch on email to say thanks as they had just saved themselves a whopping $420!

Their previous broadband contract had just finished and they moved onto a rolling monthly rate of $94.93 a month for an unlimited data, fibre 100/20, broadband connection.  In switching to our exclusive new Slingshot broadband deal they brought their monthly costs down to an effective $59.97 a month for the next 12 months.

That is a huge saving of $34.96 a month.

Which equates to $419.52 a year.  HUGE.

We know that the $94.93 is a long way from what some people are paying per month on some of the old legacy plans that they are still running on.  The big two providers in the country have plans that we regularly hear of that are on or over $95 or $100 a month.  Why is anyone still paying that much for their broadband?  Compare and save today at Broadband Compare.  

…we are interested in finding the user in New Zealand who we helped save the most money… was it you?  Get in touch and let us know what you saved.  Did anyone break the $500 barrier?  

If you have not recently compared your broadband plan then you will very likely be paying over the odds… compare now at Broadband Compare.  There are 1837 different broadband plans from well over 100 broadband providers to compare so what are you waiting for?  

…or don’t you need that extra few hundred bucks?


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