Are you prepared for online learning at home?

Are you prepared for online learning at home?
Tuesday, April 14, 2020

It looks like the second school term of 2020 will be unlike anything we or our children have experienced before. Schools have been told to prepare to reopen for "some but not all" of their students on April 29 - but principals are still uncertain what reopening will look like, as it will largely depend on government decisions about which level we move to.

The Ministry of Education has said that "a hybrid model of both distance learning and on-site learning is very likely at least in the early stages" after the coronavirus lockdown ends.

The Government and broadband providers are gearing up for students to learn from home – announcing the launch of two education TV channels and extensive measures to ensure that all New Zealand homes with school age children will have access to broadband. Learn more about support for students without broadband at home here.

So, there is some uncertainty about what school will look like for our children in the coming weeks and months.

Here are some things you can do to support your child’s online learning.

Get your Broadband sorted

If your home broadband hasn’t been great during the lockdown period there are still steps you can take to improve it. In most cases you can still change plans or switch providers – here’s what you need to know to make an informed choice about upgrading your broadband during lockdown. And, here are some simple steps you can try at home to improve your home broadband speed.

Make a plan to support home learning

There’s no doubt that parents have experienced a unique set of pressures during lockdown – perhaps you’re juggling working from home with fulltime childcare, experiencing money worries, and worries (your own or your children’s) about the pandemic itself.  A key step you can take to support your child’s learning is to try and provide a predictable structure and routine, which includes time for learning.

Make a specific space for learning

Try to set aside a key area in the home as your home classroom, preferably one without the distraction of toys, devices and noise. This should give your child an opportunity to learn in a quiet, comfortable, and dedicated space that is strictly devoted to learning. This could be the dining room table, a desk, or a specific room in your home – work with what you have.

Have breaks for morning tea, lunch time and play

Just like at school – having a routine and structure to the day is helpful. Try to have predictable times for mealtimes, learning time, and plenty of time for play to burn off energy. This might mean setting alarms to act as a school bell, or keeping an eye on your child for natural breaks in their learning.

Plan for social time too

Kids get loads of social interaction at school - it’s a key benefit of the school day! While it’s not safe for them to see their friends in person, video chats are a great option. They are the closest thing to seeing someone in person, and are a great way to get in social time without endangering yourself or others. A good internet connection will make it a lot easier to keep in touch.

Remember we’re all making it up as we go along!

Remember we’re all in a unique situation at the moment – home learning will look a little bit different for each family and you won’t be able to perfectly replicate school at home.

At Broadband Compare we can certainly help you make the best choice about broadband to support your family. A good, reliable broadband connection will give you the most options when it comes to online learning, video playdates and streaming entertainment in lockdown.

If you want to know more about changing broadband plans during lockdown our customer support team are ready to take your call and chat about your situation.

Call today on 0508 2COMPARE (0508 226672)


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