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Friday, July 1, 2016

Who are we?

Well, far be it from us to boast, but we are the broadband experts in New Zealand.  We make it incredibly  easy to compare broadband plans, broadband providers, broadband deals and broadband speeds.  We'll give you the advice you need to help make choosing the right broadband plan a quick and easy process.


We're completely impartial.  You don't have to take our word for it, because we work with some of the biggest telecom and broadband organisations in New Zealand, from Chorus to TUANZ, our official launch event was even attended by the New Zealand Minister for Communications, the Rt. Hon Amy Adams.

Our broadband search is easy to use and totally customisable.  You can tailor your search to include your must-haves and it compares thousands of broadband plans in your area from the big boys like Spark and Vodafone to smaller, specialist providers like MyRepublic, Compass Communications, Flip Broadband and Orcon.  Just pop in your address details and in a matter of seconds you'll be able to take your pick from a range of the latest New Zealand broadband offers.

If there's anything you want to know that isn't covered on the site, drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter or Contact us another way, and we'll get right back to you. 



Who do we list?

We list a comprehensive range of the best New Zealand broadband deals available in any given area from fixed line operators to rural wireless and mobile broadband.

We proactively seek out internet service providers and retail service providers to list, but we also welcome applications.  However, applicants will only be listed if they meet our standards for options, quality and customer service.

Our customers are always our top priority, so we work hard to make sure that all the New Zealand broadband providers we list are capable of delivering the products and services that they present to the market.

For the full criteria required to be listed on our site or more information about us, ping an email to hello@broadbandcompare.co.nz


We currently list a huge range of NZ broadband providers - you can see them by clicking here.


How do we list broadband deals?

We list broadband plans by their ISP and sorted by their Broadband Compare rating.  You can read more details on the Broadband Compare rating below.  Each ISP appears in your initial query results once and you can expand the options to see the full range of broadband alternatives and easily compare plans from the same provider.  Once you expand plans you can also see any charges not included in the core package, such as connection fees and so on.


What is the Broadband Compare rating?

The Broadband Compare rating is bespoke for each address and user in New Zealand that compares broadband plans through the Broadband Compare website.  Our technology matches your broadband usage requirements and determines the suitability of different broadband plans based on a range of factors that you set.  These include the available connection types (Fibre, VDSL, ADSL), anticipated data usage, broadband speed requirements, contract length, price, landline requirements, modem needs and any special promotions or value adds. 

As a simple summary, the higher the Broadband Compare rating the better suited we think that plan is to your needs.  This means your top rated recommendation won't always be the cheapest plan available.  For example, if you are a keen online gamer you need fast speeds with a high upload speed and unlimited data.  Your next door neighbour might only use the internet for social media and checking email so their requirements are completely different and as such the Broadband Compare rating will recommend different plans for the two of you.

All in all there are more than 2 million different permutations that are queried each time a user sits down and types their requirements into the Broadband Compare website.


How do we make money?

Broadband Compare receives advertising fees and commissions from a number of the providers that appear on the site.  This does not increase the cost of any packages that you might subscribe to via a recommendation from our site and we do not charge you for using the broadband comparison tool on our website.

We feature as many New Zealand broadband providers as possible to ensure that Broadband Compare offers the most comprehensive broadband comparison tool in New Zealand. We seek to ensure absolute accuracy of the provider's listing details, regardless of whether they pay us a referral fee or commission for introducing them new customers.  It is very important to note that our commercial arrangements have absolutely no impact on how we list the providers or broadband plans that appear in your results so please be confident of our impartiality.

Our comparison tool lets you compare broadband plans offered by New Zealand broadband providers.  You can see all the costs, data limits and published speeds so you can make sure you are choosing a deal that is right for you.  Our results are automatically listed by the Broadband Compare rating, but if you have a preference to simply find the cheapest broadband plan available you can select to rank the results by monthly cost. 

Some of our 'Featured deals' listed on the site contain plans selected by Broadband Compare. These plans are generally from broadband providers who have partnered with us and pay a commission for referring them new customers.  The complete, wider list of packages, sorted solely according to your chosen criteria can be displayed when you can enter your address in the relevant input field and query our broadband plan database.  

At Broadband Compare we are dedicated to providing New Zealand with informative, impartial recommendations that offers true value to our customers.



How accurate is our broadband speed information?

The speeds we show on our results table are the 'up to' speeds that New Zealand broadband providers advertise - these speeds aren't specific to your exact address.

The reason for this is that we'd need to test each package on your phone line to be able to give you a completely accurate speed.  As much as we'd love to do that, if we did it for you we'd have to do it for everyone!

However, before you sign up to any broadband plan or package you can ask the ISP what speeds you'll get from it and get them to check before you commit to anything.  

The up to speeds we show are based on what is quoted by the ISP in their advertising and on their website.  In reality your connection may not achieve these speeds for many different reasons but these are the only figures available to us to provide a comparison on this key feature.  We are working hard alongside a number of New Zealand telecom industry bodies to improve the accuracy of advertised speeds and ensure visibility for consumers.



How accurate is our broadband availability information?

For fixed line connections we get the relevant information on what's available where from InternetNZ / NZRS who maintain the New Zealand National Broadband Map with information provided by Chorus and the other network providers including Northpower, Waikato Networks Limited and Enable Services Limited.  These companies are contracted to build and maintain the New Zealand Broadband network. 

For rural broadband things are a bit trickier and where a provider has not chosen to partner with us we may not be entirely accurate (yet - we're working on it!) for rural broadband coverage.  In a country with the geographical make up of New Zealand total accuracy for rural broadband is currently impossible to forecast at scale.  As such we made a decision to list all relevant plans, prices, speeds, data caps etc to allow a single comparison but for final availability you will need to visit the rural provider's own website to check coverage at your location.

Please remember that the broadband network is changing all the time, particularly ultra fast fibre broadband and availability of different connection types is dependent on your address.  If you have any questions on the best plan and which types of broadband are available at your address don't hesitate to contact us on Facebook, Twitter or through our Contact Us page.



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