Did you know that over 765k New Zealanders are missing out on Ultra-Fast Broadband?

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The government’s Broadband Deployment Update reveals great news for the future of Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB). 87% of New Zealanders will be able to access fibre by the end of 2022, across about 390 towns/cities. As more people rely on high speed internet to stay connected, stream entertainment and work it’s more important than ever to know who the best provider is. 

Currently over 1.37 million end users could connect to Ultrafast Broadband (UFB) and 44.1% of users who could access UFB are connected. That means 55.9% of people who could sign up to UFB haven’t yet – that’s over 765,000 people!

There’s no need to put up with slow connection speeds and old-school data caps – check what’s available in your area and find the best plan with Broadband Compare.

If you think UFB isn’t available in your area, its worth checking again as connections roll out across the country. 

Broadband Compare have some great UFB deals available from NZ’s main providers – with exclusive discount codes, introductory offers, and no contract deals available. 

Who is New Zealand’s biggest adopter of Ultrafast Broadband?

Residents in Waiuku are currently the quickest adopters of UFB – the rollout of UFB is 100% complete in Waiuku and 54.1% of users are connected through UFB. That’s the highest rate across New Zealand. Go Waiuku!

What in New Zealand’s future for connectivity?

The rollout of UFB in New Zealand is part of a government initiative that will see them spend $540 million to rollout Ultra-Fast Broadband across NZ, improve connectivity through the Rural Broadband Initiative and eliminate mobile black spot area. Once the full UFB programme is complete, New Zealand should be in the top five in the OECD for the proportion of the population that can access fibre.

What is Ultrafast Broadband?

Ultra-fast Broadband uses fibre optic cables to deliver fibre directly to your home or business. It is much more advanced and efficient than the copper technology that was rolled out in New Zealand over the last century. 

Ultra-fast Broadband can deliver close to 1,000 Megabits per second. Allowing customers to access and stream entertainment and education content, access business applications to improve productivity and whole range of other uses that require an ultra-high speed connection. 

Why should I get Ultrafast Broadband?

It is fast! UFB can deliver speeds close to 1,000 Megabits per second at present, depending on your chosen provider. That’s fast enough to stream ultra-high definition movies to 40 different devices simultaneously.

If you live in a home with multiple users streaming movies and games, and accessing content at the same time, if you work from home or run an office, Ultra-Fast Broadband will handle anything you can throw at it!

Is Ultrafast Broadband available in my area?

Finding the best internet plan for your address is easy using the broadband checker at Broadband Compare. We can help you compare 2631 broadband plans from 133 Internet Service Providers.

How do I change Broadband Providers?

It’s easy to switch broadband providers with Broadband Compare. Simply type your address into our broadband checker, compare the plans available at your address and click to sign up. Check our simple guide to switching broadband plans to learn more. 

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