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Reasons for Switching Providers

Save Money

Broadband plans and prices are dropping all the time. The cheapest fibre broadband plans now offer significant savings versus traditional ADSL or VDSL broadband connections. Broadband Compare shows the best broadband deals across 2000+ internet plans and 100+ ISPs in New Zealand.

Faster Internet Speeds

Who has the fastest broadband service available for your address? You can compare internet providers to find the fastest broadband plan at the most reasonable price. It's free of charge at Broadband Compare. It takes just 30 seconds to compare. Just type in your details above and get the fastest broadband available.

Unlimited Data

Forget about capped internet and limitations. Today, most providers offer great, unlimited plans for the price of capped internet so many New Zealanders have to deal with. Check out all of the broadband plans that give you the freedom to download/upload as much data as you want. Switch to an unlimited plan today.

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