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Fibre broadband

Fibre broadband allows you to do more online in less time with minimal or no disruptions – it’s the future!. 

This internationally favoured broadband connection uses fibre optic cable, which house hundreds of strands of glass fibre to transport huge amounts of data at speeds not seen in any other connection type. Fibre performance doesn’t degrade over distance, so your broadband speed is consistent no matter how near or far your home or business is located from the exchange or cabinet which is a major advantage over ADSL and VDSL technology.

With most fibre broadband plans you can use multiple devices simultaneously to watch, listen, play, post, work and chat all at the same time without any loss of quality or buffering on any of the devices because the speed is so much greater.

Because it’s a new technology, home and medical alarms that run over your older copper phone line can be affected when you upgrade to fibre but there are some simple fixes available so if you have alarm services, let your broadband provider know so they can take the right steps to keep them working when you switch from copper to fibre.

Ultrafast Fibre speeds are generally listed by Upload/Download speeds, for example 100/3o.  This lists the download speed and then the upload speed.  An example, Ultrafast Fibre Broadband 30/10, the service has the ability to deliver Fibre speeds up to 30mbps downstream and usually 10mbps upstream.  Ultrafast Fibre 100/20 has the ability to deliver Fibre speeds up to 100mbps downstream and 20mbps upstream.  Fibre 200/20 can provide 200Mbps downstream and 20Mbps upstream. Gigabit Fibre Broadband 1000/500 can provide an amazing 1000Mbps downstream and 500Mbps upstream.

Actual speeds will be affected by various factors including NZ and overseas networks, the website that you are viewing, your modem/router and computer technology, internal home wiring and other environmental factors.  These factors affect ADSL and VDSL connections (older cooper connections) much more than fibre.

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