How to protect your family's home computer network and online activities

Protect home computer and online activities
Wednesday, September 2, 2020

As we’ve seen this week in the NZX – the threat of a cyber-attack in NZ can be incredibly disruptive and costly.  Luckily the NZX has organisations like the Government Communications Security Bureau (GDCB) to help them out. But - how safe is your home network from cyber attacks or the threat of viruses?

As the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic sees more of us working from home than ever before, an online security expert warns that the trend is opening the way for more cyber-attacks.

Speaking to the NZ Herald Network Security Specialist Peter Saunders, says there has been a spike in online attacks since the outbreak of the coronavirus and, with the trend to work from home, there is evidence hackers are "broadening" their attacks as a consequence.

If you have experienced a permanent shift to working from home, then it’s worth speaking with your employer about protective measures available. And, given that cyber attacks occur more often in times of economic downturn – it’s worth making sure that your home is protected.

An easy way to start protecting your home is to make sure that you have an anti virus and internet security system. We’ve chosen to highlight one of our favourite security partners – Kaspersky.

How to protect your home computer and home network

There are three main levels of protection to consider – anti-virus protection, internet security protection or whole home protection. Antivirus protection will protect your computer against any malicious viruses or programs that may try to infect your computer. You could step up to a system that provides a next level protection by protecting most of your online activities. Or a comptehensive security system that will protect almost anything digital your family gets up to - antivirus, internet security, parental controls, password manager and more. 

Anti-Virus Protection

Computer viruses have been around for many years and can do a number of malicious things to your computer. They can damage programs, delete files, reformat your hard drive, or replicate themselves and flood your network with traffic making it impossible to perform any internet activity. Even the less harmful viruses can disrupt the performance of your system, sap memory and cause crashes.  Most alarmingly, most computer viruses can reproduce themselves and transmit to other computer systems.

Given the damage that a virus can do – its well worth investing in Antivirus protection.

Kaspersky Antivirus is easy to set up and use on your Microsoft PC.  It delivers real-time antivirus protection, it blocks ransomware, cryptolockers and more, it prevents cryptomining  malware infections, and lets your PC continue to perform as its designed to.  

It’s easy to sign up online, choose the number of PCs you want to protect, pay a simple monthly price and get on with the things you’d rather do secure that your PC is protected. Join and save up to 30%

Get Anti-Virus Protection

Internet Security Protection

As you and your family, work and socialise online, surf the net, shop online, or access social media – internet security protection can help ensure they are protected.  Whatever you are doing online, Internet Security Protection can help protect you and your family from malware, webcam spies, financial scammers and more.

Kaspersky Internet Security offers all by blocking viruses, cryptolockers, online attacks and more. It also protect your online activity by preventing online trackers collecting your date, protecting online payments, blocking unauthorized access to your webcam and encrypting any data you send and receive online.

It’s easy to sign up online, choose the number of PCs you want to protect, pay a simple monthly price and get on with the things you’d rather do secure that your PC is protected. Join and save up to 30%

Get Internet Security Protection

Protect your whole family home

If you have a growing family all hopping online on various devices, then you may wish to consider a product that offers antivirus protection, internet security protection and a whole lot more.

A comprehensive system will work in the background, continuously scanning for threats while you get on with life.

Kaspersky Total Security includes antivirus, anti-ransomware, webcam security, password manager, VPN and a whole lot more all in one license.  A key benefit for those with a family is advanced parental controls to help guard kids – this includes ‘bad content’ blockers, GPS tracker and more on PC, Mac and mobile. Passwords allows you to manage and store passwords and sync them for access on Mac, PC and mobile. Protect precious photos, music and files on your PC with File Protection.

It’s easy to sign up online, choose the number of PCs you want to protect, pay a simple monthly price and get on with the things you’d rather do secure that your PC is protected. Join and save up to 30%

Get Total Security Protection


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