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Voyager has everything you need to build your business from the desk up. it can provide complete voice solutions over its Internet infrastructure. From simple phone plans to complex bespoke data solutions - including hosting and domain names.

Across the country and 40 strong, the Voyagers are geeks at heart. Developers, Analysts, Accountants, Designers, Dreamers, Doers. That one sales guy, Architects, Ambassadors, Engineering and Lifeline. Some young at heart some wise beyond their years - each and every one a character.

From domain names to voice and video calling, internet plans and digital storage - Voyager will find the right solution for your business.


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Total: 6.8
Reliability 7.2
Speed 7.1
Support 6.6
Features 6.8
Value 6.1
Average from 28 reviews
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2018-09-21 09:20:37
Andrew 3.2
Years of really great service with Actrix but now a drastic drop in care and service since the merger. Several days to get a response by email if at all. I'm looking to move.
Pretty good on the phone.
Lousy response to emails and constant billing issues
2018-05-07 11:02:35
Chris 4.6
I 'acquired' Voyager when the company bought out Actrix (which has provided me with years of faultless service). At the same time I switched to UFB. Both were a disaster. The fibre has never come up to the capacity of my previous VDSL and I have a worse internet connection than pre-fibre. Continuous drop-outs, connection difficulties (unless almost sitting on top of the modem). Voyager have not been able to offer any solutions, or been particularly interested. After many calls I gave up. Am now changing provider. ...read more
2018-05-05 11:17:40
Bruce Millar 7.0
Confusing setup after being advised Fibre was ok then not.
Application started March 1st...final connection ADSL/VDSL May 3rd.
2018-04-07 00:19:34
Don McMillan 9.4
Got on via Actrix following takeover of Actrix by Voyager. Still deal with excellent Actrix help desk. With phone and landline included. Retained all my email addresses.
Faster (up to 120 Gbs), cheaper ($40/month).
None to date
2017-12-22 23:10:27
Caryl Forrest 7.8
I was an Actrix customer (until taken over by Voyager) and nominally remain an Actrix customer of 17 years.
Voyager (Actrix) have continued the excellent high-level customer support available from their Help Desk. Although I have an IT background, I would especially recommend them as an ISP for people who struggle with technology as they are very patient with those who find technology difficult. ...read more
Chorus own the UHF radio-link to our rural district, and the cabinet. The gear in this cabinet, and backhaul equipment, is old and needs replacing but Chorus aren't willing to do this. Voyager/Actrix help desk have identified the problem, but don't seem especially interested in pursuing this with Chorus on behalf of customers. So we are stuck with an an average speed of ...read more
Showing 11-15 of 28 items.
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