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Voyager has everything you need to build your business from the desk up. it can provide complete voice solutions over its Internet infrastructure. From simple phone plans to complex bespoke data solutions - including hosting and domain names.

Across the country and 40 strong, the Voyagers are geeks at heart. Developers, Analysts, Accountants, Designers, Dreamers, Doers. That one sales guy, Architects, Ambassadors, Engineering and Lifeline. Some young at heart some wise beyond their years - each and every one a character.

From domain names to voice and video calling, internet plans and digital storage - Voyager will find the right solution for your business.


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Total: 6.5
Reliability 7.0
Speed 6.8
Support 6.3
Features 6.7
Value 5.9
Average from 32 reviews
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2017-11-12 01:38:27
Peter 1.0
Constant outages, terrible customer support
Support, Reliability
2017-10-07 05:58:13
Dianne 5.2
I was with Actrix. Voyager is somehow involved. I was offered the opportunity to upgrade to VDSL both by email and by direct phone contact. The offer to change to VDSL promised:
Free upgrade
Free upgrade to VDSL
Includes modem rental
Includes upgrade to unlimited data (no more worries about your monthly data cap)

It won't cost any more than your current monthly plan which was around $95 on 5/9/17 for the period 5/9/17-5/10/17

Before the change I had an Internet/ Phone bundle with Actrix. After the change I had VDSL and VoIP
Its easy to set up and we'll help you.
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The change over was messy:
My order was acknowledged 15 August
The router arrived and I tried to set it up.
I received a message 23 August stating Your service should be active now:
To get online, simply plug in the pre-configured Voyager router, connect your computer, and wait a few minutes

It wasn't easy to connect and it was very difficult to get help - so either many many others also had difficulty, or there were too few help desk staff or both
I waited for up to 2 hours for someone on the help desk to pick up

They responded to my email requests for help with a standard reply

on 23 August I emailed: I've already phoned twice and been put into a queue
I have booked geeks on wheels to get my communications up and running and I will send you that invoice.
At home I have
No phone
No internet
Cannot access any documents
Cannot open existing emails

I was advised by the sales pitch that it would be a simple matter. Since the wait time to talk to someone is quite long, you are either overwhelmed with problems or you have too few people on the help desk. I don't have the time to muck around with this

They tried to ring me on my home line - which was not functioning
They tried to ring me on my cell phone, but i was with clients and could not answer

Once I had given them remote access, the help desk did not log out and they did not advise when a fix had been made
My land line did not work for 5 days
My landline which had been been previously set up hide my number for security reasons, showed my number. It proved difficult to have this resolved

An invoice arrived 6-10-17 for a total of $172.16
Charges for October itemised: $8.69 router rental, $68.70 VDSL and $8.69 for VoIP
Charges for November itemised: Processing fee to transfer phone number: $13, Router rental $6.95, Shipping and Handling $13.00, Set up charges VDSL $42.61, VDSL unlimited $54.96, VoIP $6.95

It was a nightmare
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2017-09-20 06:09:51
Andrew 2.8
Not so expensive but awful support service. frustrating experience
2017-09-17 02:36:36
Mark Ternent 8.8
Ben with Voyager (business) unlimited UFB since it was available in our area. It's reliable and fast, but mainly they are just so easy to deal with.
2017-09-16 11:55:23
Caryl Forrest 7.4
Have been with Actrix (now subsumed by Voyager) for 17 years. The quality of service desk support is amazing - very technically able, with great problem solving ability. I just wish folk would see beyond familiar brands and price to an organization that will really help if something goes wrong.
Showing 21-25 of 32 items.
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