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7 Limited is a privately owned, independent New Zealand company and licensed telecommunications provider, that originated in 2000 as a niche software developer to capture and measure data for the electricity industry. subsequently developed into providing high speed internet services in the greater Nelson region well before other viable providers / services existed and then successfully completed a multi site fixed wireless network across the top of the South Island, under the Government funded Project Probe, commencing 2005. is now New Zealand's largest wireless broadband network of its kind in New Zealand. Recognising the opportunity that fibre provided, in 2007 pioneered the introduction to New Zealand of Fibre to the Home networks and integrated service (IPTV, VoIP phones, internet, intranet, CCTV, security and health monitoring etc.) delivered over fibre networks intended to be open access, non-discriminatory. provisioned New Zealand's first residential fibre estate in 2008.

In 2010 added delivery of national internet and data services over the fixed phone-line (DSL) network. Then, recognising the opportunity and value that hosted (cloud) services presented, and with the advantage of owning their own high speed network, in 2010 developed a Nelson based, secure, monitored data centre (with redundant cooling and power) offering independent, flexible, cost-effective and client focused solutions for server hosting, data storage and virtual services.


In 2011 introduced the innovative goBackup product that connects customers any where in New Zealand, via our DSL, wireless or fibre services back to data centre in the highly accessible centre of New Zealand, Nelson. works with customers and their existing regional IT providers together with the industry leading ShadowProtect suite of data recovery and data secure products. With goBackup incremental data is delivered Zero rated.

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