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`Best Rural Service Provider 2018

PrimoWireless is bringing Ultrafast broadband services to Taranaki businesses, homes, farms and schools, so you can work, play and do more at the same time. What sets PrimoWireless apart from the other Telcos is that we're 100% Taranaki owned and operated, and it has a team who cares about making sure you get the best broadband solutions for your home or business.

Why you should connect with PrimoWireless...

 - PrimoWireless has its own local wireless network which delivers broadband speeds like no other.

 - PrimoWireless can provide you with the right broadband solutions for your home and/or business needs.

 - Its broadband services are more reliable - its ultrafast broadband is backed up by own local ultrafast wireless network. This redundancy feature is highly recommended for businesses as it reduces your risk of downtime and lost productivity.

 - PrimoWireless can set up multiple connections for offices at different sites. Its broadband will help to improve connectivity between sites and staff who work from home.

 - PrimoWireless's local team will give you free technical phone support and fantastic customer service. 

How it all started...

PrimoWireless was established in 2006 to provide wireless broadband services to remote Taranaki communities.  It now provides both wireless and ultrafast broadband services (UFB) to thousands of business and rural customers in Taranaki.

Initially PrimoWireless was developed as a solution to help rural Taranaki people and businesses who struggled to get access to fast broadband services. Knowing that wireless is the fastest broadband technology available to the rural community, IT specialist and managing director Matthew Harrison, set about building PrimoWireless' network from the ground up. As a result, PrimoWireless' customers are now enjoying the full benefits of connecting to Taranaki's only locally owned and operated Ultrafast wireless network.

Since incorporating the business in 2007 PrimoWireless has been growing rapidly which is down to its superior high speed broadband solutions, the high level of customer service PrimoWireless provide and the drive of the people behind the business.

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Total: 9.3
Reliability 9.5
Speed 9.4
Support 9.4
Features 9.3
Value 9.1
Average from 33 reviews
Showing 31-33 of 33 items.
2016-11-22 06:21:38
Daniel M 10.0
Fantastic company!
Great customer support, great speed over wireless. Still works when other providers do not
2016-11-22 05:52:52
Leighton hunt 10.0
Fantastic customer service love dealing with primo. Hassle free service, reliable, great value I recommend primo wireless to all my friends and neighbour's
Great value. Great service
None yet
2016-11-15 23:42:45
Jenny 9.2
Easy to contact, quick response and good provision of service. Speed and data limit more than sufficient for my (low user) requirements.
Quick and easy contact and setup. Local provider, so their contact centre had a good knowledge of the region. Account queries answered promptly.
Not as fast as fibre or VDSL, but fast enough for my needs - no issues playing videos from You tube videos or online MOOC courses.
Showing 31-33 of 33 items.
Nov 22, 2016
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