MyRepublic Summer Offer - From ONLY $64.99/mth plus FREE rental router

Ultimate Unlimited Fibre


Provider 2degrees Broadband  5.5
Price $85
Contract options 12 months
Type Fibre
Download speed up to 950/500 Mbps
Data Unlimited

$200 Credit

Get $200 joining credit on a 12-month contract

Get Gigabit speed for only $85/mth!

Switch to 2degrees before 05/12/2019 on a 12-month contract and get Gigabit speed for the cost of the Fibre 100 plan for 12 months! Plus, you also get: • $200 joining credit on Unlimited plans; • Amazon Prime Video on us for a year with an unlimited plan. Terms and Conditions apply.

Terms & Conditions

Available features

Rental routerfree
BYO Routerallowed
Static IP$10/mo
Router delivery fee$15


Connection fee $0
Termination fee See T&Cs

Terms and Conditions apply

Ultimate fibre upgrade offer:

  • Available on a 12-month Unlimited or Ultimate Unlimited plan only.
  • Available for new residential customers only.
  • $25 monthly discount will end if you cancel or downgrade your 12-month Unlimited or Ultimate Unlimited plan.
  • Standard Ultimate Unlimited plan price applies after 12 months.
  • Stated speeds based on theoretical maximums. Speeds vary due to various factors. For best performance use an ethernet cable connected to your modem and device.
  • Offer expires 05/12/2019

200 Joining Credit for Unlimited Broadband on a 12 Month Term Promotion Terms and Conditions

Amazon Prime Video on us for 1 year Terms and Condition


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