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Compare Broadband Suppliers in New Zealand


Compare Broadband plans in New Zealand

Here at we are all about comparing broadband in New Zealand... imagine that!

At we compare all elements of broadband in New Zealand because we know it's not always just about the price. There are loads of different categories that a broadband provider and internet provider need to excel in for you to ensure that you receive the very best broadband for the money that you want to spend. We cover everything from the cheapest broadband in New Zealand to the most expensive. We compare upstream broadband speeds and downstream broadband speeds and we also look into and rate the customer service and support lines to ensure that you get the very best broadband customer service in New Zealand.

So please, go ahead and browse the site and use the search to ensure that you are fully versed in the differences between VoIP and Static IP's, naked broadband and download limits... and what IS a fair use broadband policy? Here at we want to help you demystify the world of broadband providers in New Zealand to make sure that you receive the broadband service, capacity and speeds that you require for your web browsing needs.

Broadband Internet Deals in New Zealand are getting better and better all the time with more and more data and even an array of unlimited data (naked) broadband options. As more New Zealander's take to the internet to do more of their daily lives the prices are also getting more and more competitive and attractive for consumers... as long as you understand what you're getting!

As the broadband deals are changing all the time, you may want to consider a short contract term or no contract term to ensure that you are getting the very best deal for your internet usage and then ensure you are signed up for Broadband ALERTS and we'll make sure you never miss a red hot deal on broadband in the New Zealand market.

Other factors to consider when you're looking into a broadband provider include whether of not you need a home phone line? More and more households are now going mobile only and the need for the phone on the pedestal in the house with the fixed landline is becoming a thing of the past. If you don't need a phone line then you're best off considering either Naked Broadband or maybe even Wireless Broadband as you can sometimes save money with Naked Broadband if you don't need a phoneline. If you are thinking of wireless broadband or you live in a rural area then you have more things to consider, especially the quality of the signal & service in your area before signing up to a contract.

So that's it for starters... are you ready to your needs?

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