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Here at Broadband Compare we are trying to work with the major ISP's to get a complete breakdown of services, packages and prices of Broadband Plans in New Zealand so that kiwis can find the Cheapest Broadband Plan in New Zealand, The fastest broadband suppliers in new zealand and the best customer service for broadband in New Zealand.

At the moment we don't have all the offers and deals from ll the ISP's but we do think we have found our best unlimited data broadband offer and that is Trustpower Broadband.

When you join Trustpower for power and broadband you will be able to qualify for unlimited data broadband at just $49 per month for the first year, this then increases to $79 per month for the second year. It has a min 24 month term and exit fees and T&C’s apply. But do the maths on that and you can see the savings you can make on unlimited data broadband from Trustpower.

That's right broadband hunters!


So what are you waiting for? Click through to their site where you can sign up right away! Fantastic!!



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