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Latest NZ broadband news

7 December

Best Broadband Providers for Streaming

The way we watch TV and listen to music is changing and there is no one size fits all broadband plan that is the best internet plan.  So if you’re a big streamer read on for details of the best broadband for streaming. 

7 December

The Best Broadband for Gaming in NZ

Different users use the internet in very different ways and there is no one size fits all broadband plan that is the best broadband plan.  If you’re looking for the best gaming broadband than read on!

7 December

Broadband Deals for University Students in NZ

We’re very fortunate that the big Universities in New Zealand are now all fibre broadband enabled.  All well and good when on campus… but what about in your digs?  Check out these Student broadband deals for 2018

7 December

Student Broadband for 2018

It's great that tertiary education fees are going to be made free... but we're afraid your Student Broadband is not.  But there are great Student Broadband Deals to be had.

28 November

Fibre Broadband hits Kaiapoi

Kaiapoi won the NZ Most Beautiful Town Award in 2009... and they are now fully fibre broadband enabled! What a fabulous place to live!

27 November

Will fibre support my old alarm/medical system

Will my home/medical alarm work when the copper line is replaced with fibre optic cable?

23 November

When is Black Friday in New Zealand?

Black Friday takes place on Friday November 24th and though you might have heard of Black Friday… do you know what it is?  


22 November

SPOTLIGHT: Stuff Fibre - Best Fibre Broadband Provider

In the first of our 'Internet Providers in the Spotlight' series we are kicking off with Stuff Fibre, recently named Best Fibre Broadband Provider at the Broadband Compare Awards.

20 November

The Death of Landline as We Know It

New Zealand follows the trend of switching to internet telephony. The tendency is for companies to go completely landline-free in the coming years, which might just as well bring the death of landline as we know it.

15 November

Family Filter

Family Filter is a provider’s tool to defend your internet connection from inappropriate/harmful content. It is one of the easiest ways for parents to safeguard their kids online.

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