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14 February

Stuff Fibre – Latest news & reviews

Stuff Fibre is one of the newest fibre broadband providers in NZ.  They launched only a few months back in September 2016 and have been quick to establish themselves as one of the strongest offerings amongst the New Zealand Internet Providers.  

13 February

MyRepublic NZ – Latest news & broadband reviews

MyRepublic was one of the first fibre internet providers in NZ to take advantage of the ultrafast fibre broadband rollout and focus on fibre broadband plans.

7 February

Best Student Broadband Plans

Students in New Zealand need fantastic broadband to make the most of time at Uni.  Whether that is online research or online gaming these are the best student broadband deals for 2017.


2 February

Record numbers of Kiwis compared broadband providers in January 2017

New Zealand broadband comparison website, has seen record numbers of Kiwis saving money and switching to better broadband connections after comparing internet providers at the Broadband Compare website.


30 January

Which ISP is best for Netflix in New Zealand?

Want to know the best ISP in NZ for Netflix?  Well Netflix actually measure that! Read on to learn about the Netflix ISP Speed Index.

30 January

Spark Broadband Problems

So it wasn’t a great Auckland Anniversary weekend for some as Spark suffered major broadband outages affecting connectivity across the country.


27 January

UFB2 brings fibre to another 200,000 Kiwis

Great news for New Zealand homes as UFB2 gets the go ahead and Chorus announces an extension to the ultrafast fibre rollout plan.


26 January

Get awesome Free Technology with selected Broadband Plans

Choices, choices, choices… did you know that we compare NZ broadband plans from NZ internet providers which give you great, free gadgets?!

23 January

MyRepublic PS4 Bundle - Get a FREE PS4

One of the best NZ broadband deals in the market - get a Free PS4 with MyRepublic Unlimited Gamer Ultra Fibre

15 January

Broadband upgrades for Kawakawa, Okaihau, Russell, Peria and Towai

Excellent news for Kawakawa, Okaihau, Russell, Peria and Towai when it comes to internet connectivity.

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