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Latest NZ broadband news

1 July

How does Broadband Compare make money?

Broadband Compare receives advertising fees and commissions from a number of the providers that appear on the site.  This does not increase the cost of any packages that you might subscribe to via a recommendation from our site and we do not charge you for using the broadband comparison tool on our website.

1 July

What is the Broadband Compare rating?

The Broadband Compare rating is how we grade the best broadband plans in New Zealand.  It is totally bespoke for each address and user in New Zealand that compares broadband plans through the Broadband Compare website and helps you get the best plan for your needs.

19 June

Rotorua is now fully fibre enabled

Rotorua’s Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) rollout is now complete, meaning nearly 27,000 local residents can connect to New Zealand’s rapidly growing fibre broadband network and take advantage of all the benefits fibre broadband has to offer.  Costing over $40m the Rotorua fibre broadband network will be serviced by a wide range of fibre broadband providers. 

24 May

What broadband speed do you need?

So you want the fastest internet possible yes?

...but why?  Faster is always seen as being better, whether it is broadband internet speed or cars... but when you have speed limits on roads or technology limitations based on your computer hardware then what is the point in having something that can generate the fastest internet speeds in New Zealand?

17 May

Win Free Broadband with BroadbandCompare.co.nz

Win 12 months of unlimited internet with this free to enter competition from BroadbandCompare.co.nz.  Free to enter, just click through, compare providers, share on some social channels and increase the chance to win!

21 April

Best Broadband Plans NZ - April 2016

In the first of a regular monthly post on Broadband Compare we are going to be highlighting two of our broadband partners and what we believe are the leading broadband offers in the market at present.  

This month is a great month for you to compare broadband plans and find the best broadband plans in NZ because these are two great offers from two fabulous NZ ISP's.

15 April

Broadband - The FOURTH utility

A big day yesterday for broadband in New Zealand.  

Broadband finally got to join its counterparts of water, gas and electricity as one of the basic services we count on... welcome to the utility club broadband.

I know what I'd rather go without!  Who needs gas anyhow!?

8 April

Hamilton Fibre Broadband now fully connected.

The first phase of the Hamilton fibre network actually completed back in January and with it, Hamilton became the sixteenth urban area to have Ultra Fast Fibre Broadband rolled out, but most importantly it was the largest urban area to date and it was completed six months AHEAD of schedule.

Yesterday marked the official launch of the Waikato's ultra fast broadband rollout and ironically three of the four official speakers did not have access to fibre at their rural homes!

29 March

Getting Ultra Fast Fibre Broadband installed in your apartment

So... you're a young professional living in a cool part of town or the CBD and you have your funky two bed apartment, cool electronics, a funky coffee machine and home entertainment system all ready to binge watch the latest season of Game of Thrones through Neon, Lightbox or NetFlix and you load it ...up.... to... find... you... j... j... j... j... just keep on... buf... buf... b... b... b... bufferinnnnnnnnnnggggg...

15 March

Tauranga fibre broadband network completed

The Tauranga Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) network was completed on Friday 12th March 2016.  A monumental day for New Zealand fibre broadband and Tauranga is now the fifteenth urban area where the rollout of ultrafast fibre broadband is complete.

Tauranga started rolling out ultra-fast broadband in August 2011 and the total investment in the fibre broadband network build exceeds $75 million so now that the network is all complete we are keen to introduce residents of Tauranga to the incredible benefits of ultrafast broadband with the best broadband packages for Tauranga which you can search on Broadband Compare. 

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