Monday, March 19, 2018

As part of the Vocus Group, Orcon Broadband is in with Slingshot and Flip as the third largest internet provider in New Zealand after Spark Broadband and Vodafone Broadband and they have recently been increasing their market share increasing to 13 percent of the ultrafast broadband market, up from 12 percent a year earlier.

As one of the major broadband providers in the country, Orcon offers a number of different plans with a variety of features and benefits for different customer types.  Here in the latest of our SPOTLIGHT series, we have outlined some of the key Orcon Fibre Broadband features and benefits below and we highlight a great exclusive deal that is currently available (March 2018) for a limited time.

Orcon Broadband should be firmly placed in your consideration set if you are looking for a new fibre broadband provider especially as Orcon offer much more than just broadband – they also offer power and mobile plans so if you are looking to save money with a bundled broadband plan they may well be a great option for you.

Read on to learn more about Orcon broadband features and benefits.


Experience — Orcon were one of the first.

Orcon have been selling Ultra Fast Broadband plans longer than anyone else in NZ.  If you want to know why that is… well, they tell us it’s quite simply because they love new stuff!  The guys at Orcon broadband have a bit of geek about them and they love the fast broadband that fibre delivers and they are committed to getting the best broadband to Kiwis — and quickly too – pretty much they think fibre's the best thing since L&P (or potentially good coffee) to be launched in New Zealand and want to make sure everyone gets on board with fibre if they have it available.

Unlimited Data Broadband Plans

In 2017 the average Kiwi household was consuming over 150Gb of data a month and so for most homes, there is little point in considering a capped data broadband plan.  Orcon Broadband Plans are all unlimited data plans.  After all, what is the point of having an outstandingly fast fibre broadband connection from Orcon if you then get capped on how much you can use?!  Unlimited internet all the way so you can stream all the movies, TV and music that you want! 

Orcon Gigantic Plans – Fastest Orcon Broadband

Fibre’s the best connection type for surfing the web… and it gets even better when it gets faster and Orcon offer some of the fastest fibre broadband plans around.  With the Orcon Gigantic fibre plans, you can get plans from super fast fibre entry-level connection of 100Mbps to the sheer madness of Gigantic (the fastest plan that Orcon can offer – up to 950 Mbps) – that is FAST fibre! 

Orcon Mobile – did you know they did mobile?

Orcon Mobile starts at $20 a month for 1Gb or data, 150 minutes of calls and unlimited texts – you also get a bundle discount when you add on to your Orcon broadband.  Orcon allow you to bundle a mobile plan in with your broadband plan with ease and once you are set up you're away!  One monthly bill, fantastic plans, and really good rates. It's a no-brainer if you’re looking to bundle.   The Orcon Mobile plans come with a great range of add-ons for extra calls, data and roaming.  They are great ways to keep your mobile bill low.

Orcon Power – did you know Orcon offer power?

Well, they do!  If you add Orcon power to your Orcon broadband plan then you will enjoy some super competitive rates as well as a fantastic Orcon power signup credit of $150 when you join.  On top of that, you will score a sweet prompt payment discount so you should consider an Orcon Power and Internet bundle if you want to combine your bills.  You get everything on one bill. Less household management – yeah – plus it is easily managed online and with the snazzy Orcon Power and broadband app.

Orcon Home Moving team

When you move house the team at Orcon are there to help.  They know that when you move you’ll have heaps to do, so they’d like to help.  Unfortunately, they won’t shift your couch, but the dedicated move team are there to help when you do move to make things easy.

Orcon Broadband Prices

Orcon have a great price point… and it is even better with our exclusive Orcon Broadband plan.  You can click here to compare Orcon plans now or click through here to find out more about our exclusive 3 months free unlimited broadband plan when you sign up for a 12-month plan.  All the details of the exclusive plan can be seen here:

To find out more about Orcon Broadband and compare Orcon Broadband plans - Click Here

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