Introducing the Orcon Broadband designer modem series

Introducing the Orcon Broadband designer modem series
Monday, August 1, 2016

Something a little bit different from Orcon this month – the Orcon designer series is a collection of 5 limited edition modems created by five talented New Zealand artists to make the Orcon Broadband  modems a work of art.  You’ll have to be quick if you want one of these rather cool modems though as stocks are very limited.  We’ve got a quick synopsis of the modem designs below and you can see more on the Orcon website if you click here.

The first design is from Askew.  Askew is renowned worldwide for his graffiti and urban contemporary art. With over 20 years’ experience, he has created art across the world, working in graphic design, illustration, photography, publishing, music and moving image.  His incredible work is often seen across large walls, and are faces of people from within that community. His paintings are a platform to discourse the topics, people and culture surrounding him and subject matters that he enjoys reading about… and his work is also now available on your Modem if you sign up to Orcon Broadband.



Design number two of the Orcon designer modem series comes to us from ANNA LEYLAND.  The primary focus of Anna’s work is based upon a contemporary conversation about Aotearoa.  Utilising pattern-making and symbolism, it celebrates the beauty of multiculturalism which makes us so unique in our culture.  Anna’s Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication is often reflected in her work – with some work deceivingly looking digital, but all are painted by hand.  Check out Ann’a awesome designer modem from the Orcon collection.



In at number three of the five Orcon designer modems is a great piece from ANDREW J. STEEL.  Andrew sees creating work on other people’s property as a defiant act. Everything's twice as fun when you're not meant to be doing it right? Over the past 10 years Andrew J. Steel has proliferated public and private spaces and created some of the largest scale public artworks in New Zealand, worked with our countries most forward-thinking brands and home owners, and successfully evaded getting ‘a real job’.  They even employed him at Orcon for the third in the Orcon broadband designer modem series.


Forth in the Orcon Broadband modem collection is a great piece from FLOX.  Flox as in flocks of birds, has a love and affiliation with both New Zealand and international cultures, with a focus on their native flora and fauna. The city is her canvas, her trademark native animals – often birds – ferns and flowers can be seen transforming dull, grey walls in Auckland, New York, Taiwan, Berlin and Hong Kong. A graffiti artist with a fine arts degree, Flox now creates and exhibits artworks on canvas, wood and paper; produces private, community and corporate commissions on everything from a chair to a hotel wall; collaborates with other fine artists and holds workshops for both school children and adults. Through all this is her goal to celebrate nature and make art accessible to all.  It’s super accessible if this great design is adorning your modem!


The final designer modem from Orcon broadband is from OTIS FRIZZELL.  Otis, a man of many talents has maintained a high profile for more than a decade. Whatever medium of Otis’ choice, he will always bring an array of raw talent and energy to his work.  Having over twenty years’ of street art experience, Otis is one of New Zealand’s highest profile pop artists. As well as painting and print-making, these days you can also find Otis serving up the best tacos in Aotearoa, at The Lucky Taco truck, with his wife Sarah.  Check out his designer modem design for Orcon broadband right here.



Finally, if one of these awesome designer modems isn’t reason enough to consider a switch to Orcon Broadband than you will also qualify for ONE MONTH FREE on their fibre broadband plans making this one of the best fibre broadband deals in NZ for August 2016.  Check out all the Orcon offers and information on their site here.

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