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Compass Communications has launched Pre Pay Broadband

Compass Communications has launched Pre Pay Broadband
Thursday, April 19, 2018

Did you know that prepay broadband or pay as you go broadband (PAYG broadband) is actually a thing?  Well if it is something you’re interested in then read on because Compass Communications have recently launched a prepay Broadband plan. 

You know how you can get pay-as-you-go mobile plans or prepay by topping up your electricity?  Well, now you can do that with broadband which we think is a great idea!

Prepay broadband from Compass communications offers a number of great benefits if you are on a budget and your cash flow is tight.  Compass Communications are shouting about some of the awesome prepay broadband benefits that include the following:

  • Total control of broadband costs
  • Flexible payment options
  • No annual contract
  • No credit check broadband - everyone is accepted!

So how does prepay broadband work with Compass?  Well, it’s a pretty simple model, Compass will take your monthly fixed line charges & calculate a daily broadband rate.  This is the minimum you need to have in your Compass broadband account to use your broadband services.  If your prepay broadband account hits $0, your broadband account services will be temporarily blocked until this is topped up and ready to go again – just like a pay as you go mobile phone.  It’s easy to know when to top up because Compass will email you and text you any time your Compass prepay broadband account balance runs low and if your balance gets really low they will send you an urgent reminder!

Compass Prepay Broadband Benefits:

No Contract - No more fixed contracts or early termination fees when you sign up to the Compass prepay broadband plan.

Total Control of your broadband spend - You get to choose how often you top up & by how much.

Easy Top Up Options - There are four easy, convenient ways to pay your Compass prepay broadband account:

·         At your local convenience store with a Compass Bill Guru Account Top Up Card*

·         Bill Guru Cashpak voucher

·         Online or over the phone with a Credit Card

·         Set up a Direct Credit into our bank account using your account number as your reference

*A minimum top up of $5 & a transaction fee of $1 applies to all Bill Guru Top Up Card payments

No Credit Check - Everyone is accepted for the Compass Prepay broadband so it really is perfect if you need broadband and have a bad credit rating or low credit rating.

No Bill Shock - Monitor your account balance through your MyCompass account.  Why wait for a broadband bill at the end of the month which might contain some shocks for data usage and the like.  Prepay broadband makes it easy to control your budget.

No penalties or late fees - Top up as you go and only pay for the broadband you use

No surprises - All inclusive broadband price.  If Compass ever need to send out a technician or any installation charges are encountered it is all included in your monthly broadband cost.*

*Additional wiring charges may be above & beyond and we will discuss with you.

Compass will remind you to top up - Compass will email & text you when your Compass Broadband account balance is running low, to remind you to top up.

No Clever Tricks - Pay as you go with a simple daily rate for your broadband connection – a great option if you are tethering off your phone data or similar

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