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Low User internet plans are broadband plans with around 50GB or 100GB of data. A Low User may only use broadband occasionally, or every day. The important thing is what the Low User is doing there. Low User activity is any activity that does not require much data, including sending emails, online banking and using TradeMe.


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Low User internet plans are suited to people who don't want to pay for data they are not using. Low User broadband plans wouldn’t be suited for those who stream a lot, download movies and music, or share an internet connection with others people. They may require an unlimited broadband plan.


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Low User plans are available on wireless, ADSL, VDSL and fibre connections. Wireless broadband plans are good for Low User and there is no need for a phone line but speed of the connection might be quite low. So it's worth to compare a Low User wireless broadband plan with Low User ADSL, VDSL or Fibre broadband plans. Low User ADSL, VDSL or Fibre connections might be a little bit expensive but much faster.


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When shopping around for Low User broadband plans, make sure you have enough data when you need to it. Choosing a Low User ADSL, VDSL or Fibre plan will often save some money. But before signing up, ask your Low User plan provider if there is a charge for upgrading to an unlimited plan. Some Low User plan providers allow customers to upgrade for free if you decide you need more data.


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