What is Google Wifi?

Google Wi-Fi is a new Wi-Fi system that replaces your old modem Wi-Fi, for flawless coverage throughout your house. Enjoy a super-fast Wi-Fi signal on every device and in every room. Removes the Wi-Fi speed bottleneck of more than 10 devices to a single Wi-Fi access point. Solves Wi-Fi coverage problems with large New Zealand homes. Mesh technology that makes transitioning between access points in your home flawless. Provides a good solution for parents worried about how much time their kids are spending online. Google Wi-Fi Orcon is great!

Google Wi-Fi Orcon Features

Family controls for your Wi-Fi

You can block adult websites or any other unreliable content. Use Google’s safe search to block adult websites from appearing on your kids’. Schedule internet time-out to pauses during busy times like bedtime or homework time.


Increased Wi-Fi speeds

All the Wi-Fi points are connected, data can take several different paths towards its destination. Google Wi-Fi points always choose the fastest route from your device to the internet. This means you will get faster Wi-Fi speeds.

Improved Wi-Fi coverage

Since Wi-Fi is broadcasted from each Wi-Fi point rather than a single router. Google Wi-Fi is a connected system that provides better coverage over a much wider area.

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