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Latest NZ broadband news

20 September

Latest news on 20.09.2016

Latest news on 20.09.2016

Today we have updated plans for:

13 September

Netflix call for an end to data caps

In a press release today from Netflix, the global video streaming giant, they have declared war on internet data caps by saying that data caps should be declared illegal and every home granted unlimited downloads to cope with the demands of streaming video.


13 September

Compare 94 different Internet Providers for free at Broadband Compare

Since we launched at the end of June 2016, Broadband Compare has already been used by over 33,000 Kiwis since going live and now lets users compare 94 different Internet Providers for free - find the best broadband provider in NZ with broadband Compare.

12 September

Latest news on 12.09.2016

Latest news on 12.08.2016

Today we have added a new ISP:


8 September

MyRepublicNZ. Static IP / DNS Issue

We've Identified a DNS issue for some of our customers with Static IP's. We will provide an update once our engineers have identified any issue. Please refer to our network status page for updates. 

7 September

Gigabit Broadband will soon be across New Zealand

Chorus has today announced that it will extend its one gigabit (1Gbps) residential and SME business fibre broadband service across its entire Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) footprint from 1 October 2016.

29 August

Latest news on 29.08.2016

Latest news on 29.08.2016

Today we have added three new ISPs:

29 August

Spark Broadband Plans – Price rises and data increases

Spark, one of the big two broadband providers in New Zealand has announced a raft of changes to its broadband plans as it responds to the changing demands of a data hungry nation that New Zealand has become.  There was a press release today that announced Spark has responded to growing demand for data by increasing broadband plan allowances by 50%... however this does also mean a change to some prices. 

28 August

Fibre Installation - A case study to getting fibre connected in New Zealand - Part 3

After the initial A – AGREE phase of my fibre installation I was feeling very confident about the whole fibre installation process.  Everything has been overly communicated, texts, phone calls, email confirmations, the online status tracking…. Basically everything was good.  Now to the BUILD...

28 August

Fibre Installation – A case study to getting fibre connected in New Zealand - Part 2

Part 2 of our Fibre Installation case study - the AGREE element - working with the fibre installers to decide how and when the fibre broadband comes into your house.

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