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Since Actrix started in 1989, it has been a foundation provider of the Internet to New Zealanders. They are proud to have been around for so long whilst others have come and gone.

Broadband Internet can be delivered to your home or business using different methods and technologies. The majority of homes and businesses in New Zealand can get some form of Broadband. Depending on your location each of these different technologies may or may not be available for you to connect with.


Using a traditional copper telephone cable ADSL Broadband is the most common form of connection and is available to most people.


VDSL is similar to ADSL but it is more advanced, using a higher frequency signal resulting in much higher download and upload speeds. It also uses the traditional copper cable but you must be relatively close to a capable roadside cabinet for it to be effective. You must confirm availability of this service at your address.


Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) is a new type of network using Fibre Optic cables instead of copper. This new network is still being built in New Zealand and offers unprecedented download and upload speeds to the consumer. The UFB network is only available in certain areas and is still being built so you must confirm availability at your address.

Actrix Networks can offer you the best Broadband connection possible for your location and budget.

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