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Total: 5.3
Reliability 6.2
Speed 5.8
Support 4.2
Features 5.4
Value 4.8
Average from 247 reviews
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2019-03-23 19:11:21
Tammy 8.2
Very reliable
Great signal
High price
2019-03-21 12:51:53
Aston Tuhi 6.4
I liked Voda. I left because of their pricing. They couldnt or wouldnt match a competitors so I left. They tried to bump the price up with a speed increase as a softener. I said how about you do neither. They said no so I said no.
Reliability and speed is good. I rarely experienced outages and I was with them for years ever since they took over Telstra. I miss Telstra
They take existing customers for granted. Customer service is crap when trying to remedy one of their mistakes. Theyre inflexible. I think they undervalue loyalty
2019-03-20 20:44:09
Tim 4.2
Our flat was with vodafone for over a year, signed up for the free sky sport package which was a good deal at the time.

Had a horrible time trying to change the account from a flatmate moving out to myself, the whole process took about 4 months with them billing the wrong account the whole time.

On the whole our internet service was good and the deal was good value a year ago however it's cheaper now to get internet from another ISP and sky seperate. Speeds also had a tendancy to slow down during peak hours.

Mainly switching due to Vodafone slowly raising the price of the plan and adding in hidden fees for services that we never signed up for.
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Internet was generally reliable and we were getting the speeds advertised. Vodafone TV was a good service and easy to use.
Changing account ownership is a lengthy process. Internet sometimes slowed during peak hours. We were billed for 'add ons' that we never signed up for and weren't aware of until seeing the bill. Getting through to someone who can actually help you over the phone is a hastle and involves repeating your story to many people and sitting on hold for long periods, Email support is not advertised well. ...read more
2019-03-15 05:18:57
Jeremy Spring 4.0
I was a customer of Vodafone for over 10 years, and am about to move providors for 2 reasons. One is that I am on the old Telstra network, and it maxes out at 120Mbs and the other is they are breaking a pricing agreement they had signed, and increasing the price with one year of it left to go. No way I am using Vodafone again if I can ever help it. I am disgusted with their attitude, and would never recommend others use theuir services.
Not much.
Cost is too high, it generally takes a 20 to 30 minute to get through to a call centre, and they break a signed pricing deal at a whim. Not happy.
2019-03-13 12:32:39
Alison Simpson 6.2
While the customer service staff are friendly and professional, to get anything done is a nightmare. I was quoted a certain price, the exact same price that it shows on the website and yet for about 5 months I had to ring up each month and explain it over and over again to get them to change the amount to the correct price, until finally someone locked it in. Once the 12 month contract finished the price went up! I phone up to query it and was told a sales person would ring me back, which they did not. I would not have even noticed or looked around if this did not happen, not a good way to keep customers. Am hoping my new internet provider will provide much better service. ...read more
Showing 21-25 of 259 items.
Vodafone Broadband offer free NEON access
Mar 8, 2017
Vodafone Broadband offer free NEON access
Vodafone Broadband has responded to Spark's Netflix partnership by teaming up with NEON to offer customers a 12 month subscription when they sign up to any Unlimited Broadband plan for a 12 or 24 month term.    
Aug 2, 2016
Latest news on BroadbandCompare.co.nz 02.08.2016
 August 2016 Broadband Offers update – time for new Broadband plans and great internet deals. Today we have updated plans for a number of NZ ISPs:
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