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Total: 5.3
Reliability 6.2
Speed 5.8
Support 4.2
Features 5.4
Value 4.8
Average from 247 reviews
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2019-04-17 21:29:01
Stuart 4.8
Hopeless at sorting problems. I gave up in the end and moved providers. Showed no interest in fixing problem unless I signed up for another two year contract - no thanks!
They won't bother you with offers of upgrades or enhancements.
Rubbish support. No interest unless you are re-signing.
2019-04-17 14:07:44
Alena 6.4
Purchased a package deal a couple of years ago, broadband, sky and landline. Would not let us remove landline from package deal had to change to another package. Felt pressured to purchase Vodafone tv, not interested, so cancelled subscription.
Reliable, speedy internet.
Would not allow landline to be removed
2019-04-17 11:32:20
Mark Jones 5.4

Vodafone is the biggest joke.

I have had Vodafone TV originally Telstra for 10 years plus
and on Saturday 30th March the set-top box stopped working.

Spoke to a representative on Sunday 31sy March and was advised to talk to the retention Team on Monday as they didn't work weekends. Called them Monday 1st April to organise for a new set-top box and they said someone from 'Downers' would be in touch.

Wednesday the 3rd April a call from Vodafone for me to confirm my address - they have only been sending bills to my address for13 years!!!

Monday 8th April Followed up with a call to Vodafone as i hadn't heard anything via phone or email, had to wait 1hr 14 minutes to be connected and when I explained that I had been without TV for 9 days and that I was pissed off with Vodafone and their level of customer care, to which the operator hung up!!!

Organised with Sky for Sky TV to be installed, excellent service and installed within 5 days at half price for 6 months.

Today 16th April, called Vodafone to cancel my Vodafone TV spoke to one lady who seemed quite helpful and put me through to another guy to cancel it, who then put me through to another lady as he said it was their responsibility to organise the cancellation, just spoke to the lady and after over 2 hours on the phone she said I need to speak to the Specialization team to get it canceled, so she put me through and it says it is going to take another 50 mins for the call to be answered.

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No problem with Broadband Service
I couldn't imagine a worse customer service in regards to Vodafone TV which conversely led me to cancelling my broadband!
2019-04-15 11:16:06
Ross Harland 7.0
Very average with contact. Have asked about my contract several times and they say they will call back and don't. Have not kept me informed of their deals. Specifically asked-not once but three times to service person who signed me up-to NOT cut copper wire. They cut it. Download speed is variable and have had several failures through two year term.
Was easy to join and install was good.
Lack of contact from them re plans and renewing my contract. Cut copper wire when specifically asked not to (obviously not put on job order to team who installed fribre.
2019-03-27 16:33:32
Ilse Seilis 1.0
I can't believe how bad Vodafone is.
I waited 6 weeks for Sky multiboxes and after 2 weeks learned no worksheet had ever been done; spent more than 6 solid hours on the phone being bounced from depth to depth each time giving my personal details; got sent wrong remote ; received 2 identical modems in the mail; made 5 complaints online trying to get answers and Noone replied; have now received 2 bills for the same time period...
I will be switching all my broadband and mobile and sky accounts when I recover from being driven nuts by Vodafone
No company could be more disfunctional
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As above .. the worst company I have every paid money to for a service .. truly appalling and will drive you nuts and no point trying to find someone to complain to as they don't respond to written complaints ..I did 5 complaints over a 5 week period just trying to get answers when my sky multiboxes would arrive... one Vodafone voice even asked me why I needed the multiboxes! Crazy ...read more
Showing 16-20 of 259 items.
Vodafone Broadband offer free NEON access
Mar 8, 2017
Vodafone Broadband offer free NEON access
Vodafone Broadband has responded to Spark's Netflix partnership by teaming up with NEON to offer customers a 12 month subscription when they sign up to any Unlimited Broadband plan for a 12 or 24 month term.    
Aug 2, 2016
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 August 2016 Broadband Offers update – time for new Broadband plans and great internet deals. Today we have updated plans for a number of NZ ISPs:
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