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Vodafone Broadband

Our customers are at the heart of what we do. That’s why more than 3.7 million Kiwis trust us to provide great communication solutions, connectivity and service.

Vodafone are the second largest broadband provider in New Zealand. As one of the largest broadband providers in the country, Vodafone offer a broad range of plans with a variety of features and benefits to suit their customers – unlimited or capped plans, rural broadband plan, Fibre, VDSL or ADSL.

Vodafone offer some great value broadband plans and have a great reputation. The Vodafone Always Connected Promise applies to your home, fixed line, and broadband connection. If your home broadband stops working, the Vodafone service team will do their best to fix it straight away. If they can’t Customer Care will add enough mobile data to an eligible Vodafone mobile, so you can stay connected while they get it sorted.

Vodafone offer discounts if you bundle your mobile and broadband with them. Fridays will be your favourite day of the week with their Fantastic Friday offers and discounts, like cheap movie tickets, music and sport ticket and more. Vodafone Ninjas are available in store, online or on the phone to help with any technical questions

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Total: 5.2
Reliability 6.1
Speed 5.8
Support 4.0
Features 5.4
Value 4.8
Average from 368 reviews
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2020-09-25 12:33:26
Andy Bell 4.2
worst service i have had from their call centre.
2020-09-07 13:12:42
Theody Rodriguez 5.4
Always getting disconnected
2020-08-28 15:30:54
I have been with vodafone for a number of years, and find them fairly reliable
sometimes rather slow
2020-08-25 18:32:00
avinesh chand 3.6
I am with Vodafone since 2011. My landline is not working since fiber was installed, but still being charged. Called so many times but nothings being done. My agreement being terminated and they don't have any idea how it happen. Called so many times but nothings being done. Now planning to move to other service provider.
very poor service
2020-08-24 18:39:08
Gakaroth Grim 1.0
After taking over 6 months to set up a fibre conection, we were getting less than what we asked for initially in terms of internet speed (slower than we were already, and paying more for it).
2 months latter they finally sorted it out, but, the stability of the connection was TERRIBLE.
The fault is in their "ultra hub" router that you're forced to use if you have vodafone tv aswell.
It keeps lowering the speeds in whatever port the network is plugged into for our house from 1gb/s to 100mb/s, and speed tests have shown results as low as 3mb/s down...
Their call center is in the Philipines and the staff are reluctant to diverge from the scripts infront of them, regardless of the issue.
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Support, reliability, stability, speed drops.
Showing 26-30 of 368 items.
Vodafone Broadband offer free NEON access
Mar 8, 2017
Vodafone Broadband offer free NEON access
Vodafone Broadband has responded to Spark's Netflix partnership by teaming up with NEON to offer customers a 12 month subscription when they sign up to any Unlimited Broadband plan for a 12 or 24 month term.    
Aug 2, 2016
Latest news on BroadbandCompare.co.nz 02.08.2016
 August 2016 Broadband Offers update – time for new Broadband plans and great internet deals. Today we have updated plans for a number of NZ ISPs:
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