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Back in 2007, Trustpower Phone & Internet (then known as Kinect), began providing phone services to residential customers. The same year, we began offering services over ADSL to residential and business customers.

In 2010, we successfully implemented an ISP network and began providing internet services directly to our customers. As is the case today, our service was supported by Trustpower’s strong wholesale relationships with network companies.

In 2011, the Government committed $1.35 billion to build an Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) network throughout New Zealand. We soon started planning to offer UFB to customers and connected our first ultra fast broadband customer in August 2012. Today, we provide over 500 customers with phone and internet services over UFB. Internet speeds range from 30 megabits to 100 megabits per second.

In 2013 we had 27,500 telecommunications customers. Over 16,000 of them were with us for their broadband service, and the number continues to grow.

As always, we strive to offer our customers quality service. We are also committed to ongoing innovation and excellence across the telecommunications sector. Trustpower is a member of the Telecom Carriers Forum (TCF).

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Total: 5.2
Reliability 5.5
Speed 5.2
Support 5.7
Features 5.1
Value 4.6
Average from 105 reviews
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2018-11-19 13:26:23
Pania 2.8
Pretty slow crashes all the time even though bill was paid on time
Nothing never fixed the problem
Always cut of access after I complained
2018-11-12 00:03:36
lorina andrews 7.0
I had fibre installed over a year ago with modem NF15ACV. My speed has not changed since installation. I queried my speed after installation and was told to file a complaint which I didn't. I am charged on invoice for Ultra Fast broadband however my connection is ADSL at $95. I'm confused whether I am getting what I paid for? My speeds change all the time ranging from 0.76 Mps upload 8.93 Mps to 17.32 upload 23.79 Mps.
2018-11-09 02:24:38
John 1.0
We had VDSL broadband installed at our house. There was constant dropouts(depending on the weather). Speeds above ADSL speed were rarely realised. Constant complaints to customer to customer service returning no improvement. After moving to Vodafone VDSL we now have a stable, reasonably fast broadband considering we are nearly a km from the cabinet.
Two cans with string between them would work better
2018-11-06 10:39:42
Richard McBride 2.6
When we first joind TrustPower they were great but as time has gone on their service has gone backwards, more interested in getting new customers than looking after the existing. Had a very bad experience with them over the majpr power cuts experienced in Auckland in June, very unhelpful over the extended period that we had no power. Were not interested in helping us at all.
2018-10-27 01:17:14
Neville Raupi 6.4
Connection kept dropping out and had to restart modem all the time.
Showing 36-40 of 105 items.
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