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Here at Stuff Fibre, we’re changing the way Kiwis get fibre broadband. We’ve taken all the best bits and listened to what customers really want and built probably the best internet service in NZ.  We’re putting you back in control from day one with a simple offer, no contract tie-in, local service and a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not 100% happy. (which you will be!!!)

If you’re looking for fast, reliable, unlimited broadband with customer service you can rely on then Stuff Fibre should be your first and only choice.

Join Stuff Fibre today for a genuinely better internet experience.


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Total: 6.9
Reliability 7.2
Speed 7.0
Support 6.9
Features 6.4
Value 7.1
Average from 68 reviews
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2019-11-19 12:16:51
Brett Costello 4.6
Do not touch these guys for 1gig fibre! They are providing an Asus 'gigabit' router which is after thorough testing incapable of allowing max 1gig fibre speeds. When presented with hard real world facts proving this they have disregarded it and played it as my problem. Buyer beware unless you are happy with base plan 'Boost' is currently false advertising and a scam with Stuff Fibre.
Cheapest 100/20 base plan, very consistent connectivity and consistent speeds.
Provided hardware not capable of max fibre speed which 'boost' plan offers, support does not seem to give a toss about a customers experience.
2019-11-17 13:29:42
Louise Rattenbury 8.2
We read the reviews and compared prices and then made the decision to change from Spark broadband to Stuff Fibre. Best decision we've ever made. The team at Stuff Fibre have been great to talk to and happy to help us.
You can email them and get a very quick response, great rates and great service.
Haven't noticed any so far.
2019-11-01 11:03:24
sriramana mankal 7.0
i have not been connected yet but will be from 30 November. Amazing you guys offered 4 months free and can be availed only through you guys not even from provider. I got the 4 months free and also got connected to power energyclub and got one more moth free. Total 5 months wooowww. saved so much money almost $500 for an year. Thank you broadband compare.
contract for one year not open one
free deal and value for money
2019-11-01 08:06:48
Rukesh 5.0
I have had Stuff Fibre for a few weeks and they have provided a free gigabit modem and on the max 950/450 plan. All sounds good right. The realistic speeds I get over hardwired are 400mbps download and 450mbps upload. When I call them to ask, they say that do I really need 950/450? and that in theory all download and streaming should be fine. I do not pay money to be on a slower plan. Others I have asked around on Spark and Vodafone, even though they pay a higher price, get consistently higher speeds near the 950/450 mark.

Next I called up Chorus to ask whats up with my speed, they said I am on a gigabit connection so no problems from their Chorus ONT, but my speeds are determined by my service provider. Have done make tests with few gaming machines in the house, have connected one device only and tested peak performance and still get 450/450 speeds.

Also another thing I would like to mention. I believe Stuff is capping us directly their so called free modem. Its an Asus one from their website, but they have surely programmed it themselves. If you have one of these modems, do hard reset and you will see the wifi will default to "STUFF 2G FIBRE", instead of the usual ASUS WIFI 2G, which you would get if you bought the same modem from PB Tech. I am definitely going to leave Stuff Fibre soon and I urge you to not only read my comments but to try it out yourselves if you have Stuff Fibre and let me know if you can see similar results.

The transition was good and billing was clear but please test your connection and test your router they have provided, I believe they are definitely capping us.
...read more
billing and transition was good
Router seems to be limiting my speed, which is provided and programmed by Stuff. Try reseting router and you will see that Stuff has programmed by default the router, instead of ASUS.
2019-10-26 09:07:59
Ken 8.0
We have just recently had fibre installed in the street, Chorus was booked and installed the ONT within a week, very impressed with the prompt install process. The 100/20 plan is slightly faster than VDSL that we previously had (The street cabinet for copper is only 50 meters from the house) but could slow down as the fiber takeup in the street increases over time. Overall I am very happy the have made the switch from copper to Stuff Fiber, recommended
Took up the Broadband Compare special offer of 4 months free which is a fantastic offer which too good to pass up, Spark failed to match. No setup costs. Fast contact and great customer service for new install
The supplied modem (Asus RT58U) has good strong Wifi but it does not have the built in connection for VOIP, so I had to purchase a Cisco SPA122 box to get the landline handset working, this was easy to setup using the instructions from the Stuff website. The Voice app for Android has been setup for 2 handsets, one handset (Oppo) sometimes works, the other handset (Huawei) never got it to work, there may be some compatability problems with this app. Payments , apart from using a credit card(which I don't like), there are no other payment options, would prefer paying by automatic payment straight from y bank account. ...read more
Showing 16-20 of 68 items.
Sep 12, 2016
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