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Orcon's aim is to bring Best Quality Internet to Kiwis. They want to offer the world's smoothest broadband experience in New Zealand.

Orcon knows innovation is a key to this so constantly push the limits to deliver the newest and greatest solutions to Kiwis. They were first to unbundle the local loop, been ahead of others with Ultra-Fast Broadband and let New Zealanders do more with their unlimited broadband.

They are always fighting to do better and they are proud of their ability to innovate. Their team is filled with amazing people who are knowledgeable and helpful and, basically, just love the Internet. They are small enough company to care and big enough to make a difference.

Orcon is all about the internet and their network is optimised for fibre. That means tonnes of data, plenty of bandwidth, smart data caching technology, and low lag time. They love fast fibre, and that is why they would not dream of doing anything to slow you down like throttling or traffic managing.

They have scrapped data caps and all the plans are now unlimited. They just do not make sense in a world of fibre and 4K Netflix. They want to offer New Zealanders the best broadband possible – and innovation is the way they drive this.

Orcon knows its stuff when it comes to internet. The company was the first to unbundle the local loop, the first to launch a mass-market plug and play VoIP device, and the first to get Kiwis hooked up to ultra-fast broadband.

Orcon offer gigabit residential plans, bringing a new level of broadband speeds to Kiwi consumers, along with ADSL, VDSL and Fibre with or without homeline services dependant on what is available at your broadband region. All of their internet plans offer unlimited data. 


** NOTE: The above information has been provided by the ISP or reproduced from their website ** 

Total: 5.6
Reliability 5.8
Speed 6.0
Support 5.1
Features 5.7
Value 5.3
Average from 152 reviews
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2017-02-23 04:45:03
Terry Hawker 7.0
Normally a good fast and reasonably reliable connection
Hardly ever slows down
If you need support FORGET IT!! The left hand does not know what the right is doing.

After a 15 minute conversation with support and the status of my "fault". I am told that it would be left open so that we can communicate further and try and isolate the problem. The next day I get a call telling me that as I had not been in touch with them again re this fault they would close it that day!!!! I have NEVER been able to talk to anyone who is technically competent! ...read more
2017-02-14 05:48:15
ArC 4.0
Orcon were unable to repair fiber "fault". Sent multiple communications stating issue ressolved -when it wasn't. "Fault" resolved by switching provider.
Terriblely unreliable naked broadband phone. Which wasn't working at least 25% of the time. A huge waste of money.
Call centre phone waiting time not too bad. Usually less than 10 mins.
Waste of money.
Multiple exit fees despite Orcon's inability to supply the service we paid for.
2017-02-13 06:34:55
Nickie 1.8
expensive, wifi is always dipping out
slow speeds. Our phone data is much faster that waiting for computers.
everything they are the con
2017-02-13 04:31:29
Steve Manuel 1.8
have had nothing but problems with them for the entire time we've had to stay with them.
service is rubbish
2017-02-13 01:55:35
Dave 4.0
Poor support for an ongoing poor throughput issue. Great when it works but a real struggle to get a stable connection. Groan
Fast when they have it right
Poor disconnected tier 2 support. *bashes head on brick wall
Showing 136-140 of 152 items.
Introducing the Orcon Broadband designer modem series
Aug 1, 2016
Introducing the Orcon Broadband designer modem series
Something a little bit different from Orcon this month – the Orcon designer series is a collection of 5 limited edition modems created by five talented New Zealand artists to make the Orcon Broadband  modems a work of art.  
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