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MyRepublic is the New Zealand’s first fibre broadband only Internet Service Provider (ISP). Their plans are truly unlimited and they're ready to unleash the potential of their fibre broadband network from Whangarei up north to Invercargill down in south. They believe in delivering an awesome internet experience for all kiwis at mass-market prices. All this with no lag, no limits and no holding back.

Beyond ultra-fast internet access, their Pure, Gamer and Business fibre broadband plans provide a customised, enhanced level of service that goes far beyond what is possible on older technologies such as ADSL, VDSL or Cable.

MyRepublic started in Singapore in 2011, where they shifted the ISP landscape dramatically and now they plan to do the same here. MyRepublic is committed to delivering the benefits of the UFB for all kiwis.

** NOTE: The above information has been provided by the ISP or reproduced from their website **

Total: 4.8
Reliability 4.9
Speed 5.8
Support 3.6
Features 4.9
Value 4.9
Average from 122 reviews
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2017-06-21 00:27:14
Heather James 4.2
Speeds are not as promised. Support staff are rude and trying to resolve an issue is almost impossible
They are cheap
Support is non existent
No coherent chain of command
VOIP system fails repeatedly
2017-05-17 04:52:01
Lynda 6.2
Rude staff very hard to understand
2017-05-06 10:38:40
Elle 9.0
Very happy with My Republic product and support.
2017-04-19 11:41:28
anand desai 3.4
I'd really be very wary of these guys - @ sign up it was all about "great customer service" and "quality". Definitely don't go for the new build property 1 month free offer - our developer signed us up to this deal and when we called to enquire about continuing or transferring to a new provider we were held to ransom - asked to pay a $99 connection fee (even though we were already connected!). When I explained I could get the same service for cheaper they refused to price match (2degrees - $500 cheaper over 2 years) and DISCONNECTED US THE SAME DAY!!!! I offered to pay them until 2 degrees took over or even for another month but they just weren't interested! Shocking ...read more
2017-04-03 12:55:56
chris 3.6
Took one year from ordering fibre until they actually got it installed, not chorus' fault either (long story) it was the most horrible experience with so many lies told it was unreal, cannot wait until my contract is up in a month mostly because the internet drops out at least once a day and calling them is just painful and they make you feel stupid.
Showing 101-105 of 122 items.
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