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We at Gravity Internet saw how satellite internet was being provided in New Zealand (over-priced and frankly, not great quality) and we knew we could do better. We are New Zealanders and we designed our services for New Zealanders. That’s why we have no fuss around what we do. Like no fixed contracts, leave anytime you like without being punished. Change plans whenever you want. We have the best price in the country guaranteed. We don’t over subscribe customers to our network. Which makes it faster and more reliable.

We have great deals for households and also offer great deals for businesses. We can customise our service to fit the needs of the specific business for no exorbitant price.

** NOTE: The above information has been provided by the ISP or reproduced from their website ** 

Total: 8.0
Reliability 7.8
Speed 7.4
Support 8.3
Features 8.2
Value 8.1
Average from 10 reviews
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2019-12-02 20:53:03
Dave 3.8
Very poor reception keeps dropping out and when we do have reception it is very slow
Read a response from the ISP
December 20, 2019
Response from the ISP
Isolated issues like intermittent service is very likely a technical issue. Our technical team are contactable at all times at and will happily help you resolve this Dave.
2019-08-08 12:01:01
Shannon Clarkson 9.0
I've never had such great service from a provider. I'm so thankful to have come across Gravity Internet. They were able to support us with Satellite Internet in a rural area where the only only Satellite providers are charging a lot more. The difference in service was mind blowing. Gravity are friendly, supportive, funny and from New Zealand - which really won me over.
They are constantly in contact if there are any issues (lets face it - there are going to be some issues with any service) - and the service you receive is always warm and helpful. ..and again - the price! Great great price for a great great service. Thank you Gravity. more
Reliability - Great Services - Great Pricing
Slower than your fibre and WIFI, but that goes hand in hand with Satellite internet.
2019-07-24 16:22:30
Leigh Langford 10.0
Gravity are awesome great service and excellent customer service
2019-07-18 09:26:00
Sean Rodgers 9.4
Living out in the middle of nowhere the only service I can get is satellite internet. This service is by far the best satellite internet I have used
2019-06-25 06:52:42
Tania 1.0
Super poor coverage in our home , installer put in and left before checking we were happy and all up and working then paid all the installation costs to get rid of it again had been a 5week delay with waiting for their modems to come in and they were not able to say or even estimate when they would arrive
Basically grabbed their money and ran when I said the service was extremely delayed and not working they offer emails and phone calls but no hands in to look at or fix
Showing 1-5 of 10 items.
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