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Freedom Internet

We provide customers with Internet services so we can make life happen!

We’re not your typical Internet Service Provider.

Freedom Internet uses fibre and radio networks to deliver connectivity to buildings and pre-install Internet in buildings so commercial and residential customers can connect to fibre speed Internet on the day they move in.

No waiting, no connection fees, just fast, instant Internet, easy!

Founded in 2010, we’ve grown rapidly across Australia and New Zealand, over 500 buildings and 35,000 apartments have access to Freedom Internet.

Our job is to connect people. When people are connected, relationships are established, and communities are formed. This gives people a sense of belonging and it improves the quality of their lives by providing them with control and freedom.

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Total: 8.2
Reliability 8.2
Speed 7.9
Support 8.9
Features 7.8
Value 8.2
Average from 68 reviews
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2020-11-25 22:10:20
Ishmeet 8.6
I spoke with Jacob and he was lovely on the phone. He understood my problem in no time and was very quick In solving it.
2020-11-25 15:47:49
Steffi 9.6
She was (sorry can’t remember her name) very polite and helpful. Awesome!!!
2020-11-11 12:29:36
Jayden 6.4
The first support menner we got was unable to provide us with the information we required but Claire was fantastic and made it simple and easy to get what we needed. Thanks again
Easy and accessible, fits our needs
Slow speeds
2020-09-29 19:04:49
Samrat Shrestha 8.6
It’s our goodness that we got an opportunity to use freedom internet. I’m really thankful that I have freedom internet in my flat.
No pros at all.
Speed and service support is the thing that I like
2020-09-03 15:27:22
Anthony Miller 7.6
I have rang twice over the last few days and your service is fantastic better than the usual rubbish one gets in NZ from telecom or vodafone You guys are great
Showing 21-25 of 68 items.
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