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Freedom Internet

We provide customers with Internet services so we can make life happen!

We’re not your typical Internet Service Provider.

Freedom Internet uses fibre and radio networks to deliver connectivity to buildings and pre-install Internet in buildings so commercial and residential customers can connect to fibre speed Internet on the day they move in.

No waiting, no connection fees, just fast, instant Internet, easy!

Founded in 2010, we’ve grown rapidly across Australia and New Zealand, over 500 buildings and 35,000 apartments have access to Freedom Internet.

Our job is to connect people. When people are connected, relationships are established, and communities are formed. This gives people a sense of belonging and it improves the quality of their lives by providing them with control and freedom.

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Total: 8.2
Reliability 8.2
Speed 7.9
Support 8.9
Features 7.8
Value 8.1
Average from 79 reviews
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2021-02-01 10:52:27
Kilisitina 10.0
Claire was super helpful, patient and efficient. She knew exactly what I wanted before I could even get the question across. Thank you so much, Claire
Efficient, Patient,
2021-01-15 08:14:58
Arthur Cust 7.2
We've had some issues in our first month with losing service a few times and speeds were not what we were expecting from advertising in our building (however they are adequate for us). I had to call last night as no internet again and got EXCEPTIONAL service - well done!
Does what it should & great service support
Have experienced drop outs in service.
2021-01-08 19:48:57
Ciccone Beazley 8.4
I've been communicating with the lovely staff at Freedom Internet via email and they kindly assisted me with awesome customer service. They fixed a problem I was having with signing into the WiFi. The connection just needed to be rebooted. Thank you so much for your help. I had been trying to get through for a few days and didn't think it could be fixed. But now it's working perfectly. Good value. No problem with internet speed. Awesome.
2021-01-08 11:03:31
Joey 10.0
Very fast service
2021-01-07 01:00:52
Jamie Robinson 9.6
Was awesome support. I assume was helping other people and doing work for me behind the chat so I’ll give an 8 could’ve been a little faster
Showing 16-20 of 79 items.
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