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Total: 5.8
Reliability 5.9
Speed 5.6
Support 5.3
Features 5.8
Value 6.3
Average from 96 reviews
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2018-06-26 14:49:32
Megan 1.4
We've just gone for more than a month without reliable internet access. (This happens in winter - seems to be related to rainy weather.) I resorted to going to the library to do my internet banking! Lousy excuse for tech support, featuring:
turn your modem off for a couple of minutes then back on
unplug the cables and then re-plug
it must be your modem (can't be as the landline goes via Flip also, and can be tried independently of the modem - never worked when the internet was down)
we can send a tech out but it'll cost you if there's nothing wrong.
We got the same run around every time we rang them.
Don't use Flip.
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Aren't any.
Unreliable internet, as in none at all for days at a time.
2018-06-20 02:20:28
Peter 8.6
Speed is 8/10 because I've settled for ADSL, rather than paying the extra for fibre. For ADSL, though, the service seems good -- well over 8 Mb/s down speed. Support graded as 8/10 only because I haven't needed any! Any outages have been fixed before I've had a chance to call support. I'm not sure I had to call them even when I was connecting up my modem when joining.
Excellent value and, apparently, a professional service.
No fixed IP. Most people don't need it: only people who know for sure that they need it will care. (In my case, I only found out when trying to play Elite: Dangerous. Who knew?)
2018-06-19 20:37:56
Lisa 9.0
Good service but did not have fibre
Great customer service
No Fibre
2018-06-18 01:01:35
Eddie 10.0
The best ISP ever!
* Friendly support
* Cheap price
* Stable connection
* Hasslefree internet
* none
2018-05-30 13:05:39
Daniel Tacon 1.0
Internet will lose connection every 10 minutes or so. Had the connection disconnect for an entire day. Very unreliable, had to resort to getting unlimited phone data to have any stable internet connection at home. I would not reccomend Flip to others.
Not much.
No stable connection, slow speed, very unsatisfactory service.
Showing 36-40 of 96 items.
Aug 2, 2016
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