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The new Flip will only offer Fibre plans - and they will be awesome and great value, because, you know, it's Flip!
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Total: 5.7
Reliability 5.8
Speed 5.5
Support 5.2
Features 5.7
Value 6.3
Average from 97 reviews
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2018-11-26 12:25:03
Chris Hibberd 2.4
Awful internet consistently dropping out very very slow and couldn't have more than 1 user at a time
Im not sure what was worse the internet or the customer service, either way I hope I never deal with either again
2018-09-09 14:25:50
Tony 3.6
Not happy with their support. I had my service cut in spite of having an auto payment system. They say their system had my payment cut off because my card expired! What a load of crap! I had other auto payments done too but that did not stop their payments through my card. I think their system is outdated.

I lost all my carry forward datas and minutes and they did not reimburse me back for it as I have to start a new account with them and could not use my old account.
Allows carry forward datas and minutes.
After sales service is poor. Getting a call through takes ages for them to answer. Keeps saying its faster to email technical support.
2018-08-25 10:06:01
Shelton 2.4
Judging by other reviews, I seem to have similar issues. Unreliable line speeds, which seem to come to a virtual standstill in the evenings. Have completely given up on calling support who always seem to think that rebooting my modem will solve just about any internet related issue.
Reasonably priced.
Crap line speed, sometimes as low as 175kb/sec
2018-08-22 02:31:28
Kevin Willis 10.0
We have had Flip for about 2 years - no problems and a GREAT price
Great price and service.
2018-08-15 04:09:20
Jasmine 1.8
This is the worst internet I have ever used. No speed at all.
No pros except cheap.
But why do the customers even pay a cheap rate witjout having internet for days. Very frustrating.
Showing 31-35 of 97 items.
Aug 2, 2016
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