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Total: 5.7
Reliability 5.8
Speed 5.5
Support 5.2
Features 5.7
Value 6.3
Average from 97 reviews
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2019-04-16 10:10:13
G. Perry 3.8
This is the absolute WORST 'isp' that I have dealt with.

Their network is pretty bad (their CG NAT messes with my SIP/VoIP phones very badly) ... They refuse to use Direct Debit to settle an invoice (after many months of them using DD to do so prior). So they disconnect me for non payment. THEN A WHOLE MONTH LATER THEY TAKE MORE MONEY FROM MY ACCOUNT VIA DIRECT DEBIT.

I think this is known generally as criminal behaviour.
They were once cheaper than everyone else ... but then they put their prices up, so NO PROS AT ALL.
Well ... when a company continues to use Direct Debit to take money from ex-customers bank account ... thats just nasty. And then there is their CG-NAT problem .... and their poor customer service ...
2019-04-13 22:01:48
Jenni 3.6
shocked to see the speed they pretend to provide! I get on average 12mbps, at peak times it drops to 1mbps and at highest it is 20mbps I dont trust anyones "speed" after reading their supposed speed of 50mbps on vdsl... just not true at all hence my speaking up. I've given them a few years and things have only gotten worse, happy my contract runs out tomorrow!!!!!!
they email you your voicemail for homeline
broken connection all the time, one computer can run at a time, just not worth the stress of inconsistent connection.
2019-04-08 20:50:19
Gibbsy 7.0
Flipen awsome that's all I can say. Since getting Flip Nbn I am on top of the world. It's so fast and if you need back up there is no waiting. Just full on help. Thanks thanks thanks Flip I love you guys.
2019-03-09 17:26:20
A J Keenan 8.0
great value, easy to deal with. responsive, courteous and patient, with all my queries. not looking to go anywhere else.
as above
none comes to mind
2019-02-11 14:44:38
Melody Rose Hudson & Robert Clatworthy 3.8
Internet speed very low at times and excessive throttling at peak times. Complained about this more than once, nothing was done about it. Basically denied there was a problem despite speed tests showing occasionally less than 1mbps download. Increased the cost after being with them for about a year and a half quoting increased cost to use copper lines.
Slow internet speed. Unhelpful customer service. Increase in cost overtime.
Showing 21-25 of 97 items.
Aug 2, 2016
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