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We know Kiwis want solid, reliable broadband at a great price. By keeping our plan simple and no frills, we can deliver just that!
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What makes Flip special?

  • No pricey fixed contracts
  • Unlimited data
  • High speed (30/10 or 50/10Mbps) & reliable
  • Pay weekly or fortnightly. Whatever works for you.


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Total: 5.7
Reliability 5.8
Speed 5.5
Support 5.2
Features 5.7
Value 6.2
Average from 98 reviews
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2018-01-03 05:24:00
Aileen Fleming 8.8
I have been with Flip for sometime now. At the beginning they were good & I had several queries that were answered promptly. Now they don't even bother to answer at all.
At the present moment I have no pros. They are really slack. At present I would like to try another ISP but where do I go.
Personally I would not recommend Flip. All good at the start now their charges are increasing so I have asked to be sent an itemised account each month. It appears every month I have an amount that is outstanding. How can this be when they direct debit my account?? There always seem to be add-ons & they are really smart in debiting my account. ...read more
2017-12-16 11:36:21
John Hurst 4.0
Flip is the only ISP I've came across doesn't provide real IP (not static ip) to their customers. In another word, if you need port-forward function you better reconsider.
Reliablely slow, 12MB up & 0.7 down for VDSL
No real IP!!! customers are behind proxy (it has a funcy name - CGNAT)
2017-11-26 23:57:12
Bridget Young 10.0
We left Flip because we've moved into a house with Fibre and they don't provide it.
Great value for products, easy to deal with. Advised alternatives (Orcon or Slingshot) to Flip so that they could waive the early termination fee.
We weren't alerted when we advised that we were moving house to check whether the new house had Fibre and if it did that they wouldn't be able to provide the service for us.
2017-11-15 14:28:07
Lance 2.0
When I joined, Flip were rather good at sorting issues with their network promptly. Their takeover of my line from my previous ISP (Vodafone) was seamless. However, since then, I have had ongoing issues with speed, connectivity, reliability, billing and help of ANY kind from their Desk. We have had Chorus out to check our lines and they found nothing wrong with the phone wiring in our house (at a cost of $250) It took Flip TWO WEEKS of us having a dead landline to organise Chorus to come and check it - and they demanded upfront payment of $250 in case the fault was internal. Issue was in the grey pole by the road, so we were due a refund, that took two weeks, four emails and three phone calls to get. Emails about sluggishness are STILL passed off as being internal - even though Chorus gave it a clean bill of health, the router is new, the splitter is new and a hard-wired one. Router will drop connection every few weeks and then have difficulty reconnecting unless I change to ADSL1. After a couple of weeks, I can put it back on ADSL2 and (most times) get a reconnection, but not always. Router racks up many bad packets. Bad line? Chorus have tested it AGAIN - no issues. Issue must be at their end, but even me telling them what they can do to fix it (as I work with this technology for a living myself), gets a deaf ear until I go through the Page One tactics of their Desk, that never fix the issue. Hopeless. When trying to speak to someone about the competition's deals vs what I pay, I get told to choose one of the other 'deals' they have, which give me less than I have now and at the same price and come with a "don't you dare move or we will charge you" contract for a year. Sod that. My plan has gone up three times since I joined them 3 years ago and I will be going with fibre as soon as it goes past my gate......and with a different ISP. ...read more
- Internet works most of the time
- Helpdesk is good unless you need to use it. Therefore I call it the Desk because I get no HELP
- Helpdesk filled with people who cannot be bothered reading the previous "fixes" already tried in a fault call
- Plans are not competitive
- You pay more to stay out of a contract
- Speeds drop randomly
- Internet can drop off at any time
- Connection to their network can be problematic at times
...read more
2017-11-10 06:32:44
Laura 3.4
My sister tried to close an account with flip, it is proving to be virtually impossible. We moved into a new flat, flip told us their service was available at our new address. After a week of hassle they finally told us that their service is unavailable at our location. My sister tried to cancel the account numerous times, flip still haven't cancelled the account. They continue to charge her for a service they are not providing. I would not recommend opening an account with theses guys unless you want to be stuck with them forever. ...read more
Relatively cheap
Impossible to cancel the account.
Showing 56-60 of 98 items.
Aug 2, 2016
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