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CityLink's Ethernet service gives you a toolbox of product components which allows you to design seamless and high performance extensions to your local network, connections to service providers or to business communities. It allows you to stop defining your network by the walls in which parts of it are contained and extend it into other offices, data centres and, with CityBRIDGE, other cities.  It removes both technology and commercial bottlenecks and enables your network to perform as it is has never been able to in the past.

At CityLink they pride themselves on being at the cutting edge of broadband technology, it’s part of their culture to always look towards the horizon and find the next big thing. It’s this type of thinking that’s made their Access Circuits services second to none in the New Zealand fibre optic broadband market. With industry leading speed, price and reliability, their fibre-optic connectivity products have the capacity, flexibility and performance to meet any challenge thrown at them.

CityLink recognise that you're often running mission critical services over their infrastructure, so they build their products to be more than just reliable; they build them to be dependable. Dependability means that you can not only rely on their connections to stay up, you can also depend on them to fix it if they don’t.

One of the key differences of CityLink’s access circuits solution in comparison to other telco’s offerings is flexibility. At CityLink they don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to their customers. Their product component suite gives you the ability to build the network that you need - not the one your telco says you need. In fact their services are so flexible that they can tailor the services used at different locations nationwide to meet the needs of the individual site, ensuring you have the right mix of performance and price at each of your locations.

When CityLink create a solution for their customers one of their top priorities is simplicity.  Whether you are using their access services to connect to an ISP or to build a wide area network they use industry standard technologies to enable you to get started quickly without high compliance costs.

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